Cruise to Gaza’s Olympic swimming pool

A few days ago Gaza’s Hamas rulers destroyed a UN summer camp for young children because girls were allowed to attend the camp. The extremist Islamist organisation does not believe that girls are entitled to education or that they should enjoy the same human rights as men do. 
Now Swedish, Irish, Turkish and other Islamist supporters are embarking on a Mediterranean cruise to demonstrate their support for Hamas. 
The Mediterranean cruise to Gaza is intended to show “solidarity” with the “suffering” Palestinian Arabs of Gaza. In order to alleviate this “suffering”, the motley crew of international lawbreakers will be taking along a few bottles of water and some sacks of cement among the other “essential supplies” intended for Gaza. These “essential supplies” consist of radical pro-Palestinian fanatics, professional propagandists, traitors, anti-Israel Church officials and PR experts. 
Essentials indeed. 
Recently the same “suffering” Palestinian Arabs of Gaza inaugurated an Olympic-sized swimming pool. 
As CAMERA so neatly points out, does the building of an Olympic-sized swimming pool show the best use of what is claimed as a critical “shortage” of water and cement in Gaza? And if the Club Hamas cruise passengers do get to Gaza, will they celebrate by enjoying a dip in the crisp waters of the brand-new swimming pool? Or will they boycott the pride and joy of the Hamas regime – which apparently has water to swim in but not to drink?
BloggerSweden Israel and the Jews” has an excellent take on the situation from a uniquely Swedish perspective. 
To put the whole propaganda exercise into perspective, it should be pointed out that the hugely expensive convoy of ships will be carrying a mere fraction of the quantity of cargo that Israel transports to Gaza on a daily basis to aid the Palestinian Arabs of Gaza – and that Israel’s aid convoys are routinely bombed by Gaza’s rulers. It is nothing but a PR exercise, the participants have no interest in the situation of the Palestinian Arabs, only in provoking and delegitimising the Jewish state in any and every way. 
Ignoring the plight of Gaza’s persecuted Christian minority, ignoring the fanaticism of Gaza’s increasingly radicalized Muslim majority, the Club Hamas cruise organizers are concerned only with picking on the Jews of Gaza’s neighbour, Israel. 
What word beginning with “anti” and ending with “Semitism” comes first to mind? 
Some facts and figures you won’t be getting from the Club Hamas cruise organisers: 
In January 2009 the eight-year-long Hamas war against Israel culminated in Israel’s response to the organisation’s firing of more than 10,000 missiles on civilian Jewish targets in Israel. During that war, and despite being bombed and shelled while doing so, Israel continued to deliver supplies to the civilian population of Gaza, at an average of 10,000 tonnes a week.

Aid during the war, January 2009 (29,000 tonnes in 3 weeks, average 10,000 tonnes per week)
Aid today, May 2010 (14,000 tonnes per week)