(Im)morality guardians in Gaza

Gaza’s (im)morality guardians have spoken.
Not in words but in actions. They did so by torching a UN summer camp for children.
The reason? Girls attending the summer camp were participating in “immoral acts” by learning to dance, improve their physical fitness and engage in other similar forms of depravity, degenerate behaviour and outrageous moral corruption.
During the past month alone, at least five Gazans have been summarily executed in front of their family members by the Hamas regime’s morality guardians.
It is this Gaza regime that the organisers of the illegal “Ship to Gaza” propaganda exercise, including Sweden’s state-sponsored Diakonia and Palestinagrupperna organisations, wish to aid by breaking the internationally sanctioned blockade of the Islamist Hamas regime.

Which must mean that these Swedish supporters of Hamas really prize misogyny, racism, religious bigotry, indoctrination of young children and bestial violence.
Unfortunately they are using Swedish state funding to promote these high ideals.