Perpetuation of Palestinian Intransigence

For anyone who has not yet read it, now is the time to spend a few minutes reading an excellent piece by Ben-Dror Yemini, senior columnist at Israel’s Maariv daily.
He writes in an article entitled “Nakba Day and the Fraud” how the Palestinian Arabs (“the who?”, you may well ask) have perpetuated one of the most successful myths of modern times – that of “Palestinian nationhood” in a “country that was their own” until the naughty Jews came and took it all away.
If you’re a supporter of lies, conspiracy theories and propaganda and you systematically favour pan-Arab politics and Islamist caliphate hegemony over verified data, stop reading here because you’re going to learn nothing.
If, however, you appreciate proof, both in word form and photographic; if you prefer fact over fiction; if you recognize that hard objective evidence is more valid than subjective emotion and a whining “but I want it!” approach, then read on.
Ben-Dror Yemini provides evidence in abundance. All of it points to the fact that until the Jewish immigration into Palestine – 80 percent of which was then summarily given to the local Arabs for the creation of something they’d never had before, an Arab state – the Arab population was sparse, almost non-existent. Today’s Arab population is a direct result of successful Jewish immigration to the region – the impoverished Arabs came in the wake of the Jewish agricultural and industrial successes – they came in the Jews’ footsteps looking for jobs created by Jewish entrepreneurship.
As I have consistently maintained over the past 25 years, the fact that Palestinian Arabs never had a state until the Jews recreated theirs in their homeland does not mean they should not have one. If that is what they want, they should have it. But not through theft, not through mass-murder, not through the adoption of Nazi ideology and not through systematic lies. Like mature adults, they should get together with their Israeli neighbours and work out the details. Simply demanding something that belongs to someone else is not enough, especially not when the demands are couched in racist ideology.
The problem is not the Palestinian Arabs. The problem is the rest of the world that gives ample succour to their most bizarre claims and their most outrageous behaviour. Without that support, the Palestinian Arabs would soon come to their senses and do what it takes: dialogue and compromise.
As things stand, however, they see no need to engage in either because their stance has ample support in such august bodies as the UN. I mean, Libya has been accepted onto the United Nations Human Rights Council!
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For hard factual evidence of how untold millions of dollars in public funds are spent every year to perpetuate the Palestinian “refugee” myth, see the following slide show that compares the UNHCR with UNRWA. Both are UN refugee organisations, both have similar budgets, but UNRWA has more than 25,000 mostly Arab employees and is dedicated to making permanent the refugee status of around 3 million Palestinian Arab refugees (descendants of the original 600,000 refugees from the war the Palestinian Arabs started in the 1940s), while the UNHCR has just 600 employees and is dedicated to resolving the refugee status of about 30 million refugees worldwide, disproportionately many in Black Africa. Now THAT’s racism. And it’s racism that is funded by the UN. That’s your money.