Swedish Islamists riot

Islamists in Sweden rioted to defend their right to attack an artist in the Swedish university town of Uppsala.
Artist Lars Vilks came to fame as the person who drew a controversial cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Conservative Muslims insist Mohammed is not to be portrayed in images since they regard this as an insult to their religion. However, they see no contradiction between this position and the fact that conservative Muslims are among the most virulent portrayers of other religions in an insulting manner, in particular Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism.
Yesterday at a talk on free speech given by artist Lars Vilks – who is under police protection owing to previous death threats from Muslims – a number of Islamists attacked him with the breathtakingly simple explanation that it is their right to protect their honour.
Watch this film clip to see the attack and the way the rioters treat the long-suffering Swedish police. Hat tip to blogs Tundra Tabloids and Jihad i Malmö.

Now watch how the Muslim rioters behave outside as the police work to contain the threatening situation.

A number of rioters were arrested.
2010 is election year in Sweden. After hearing the blood-curdling chants of “Allah-u-akhbar” (Arabic for God is great) in a soundtrack reminiscent of the beheadings of countless Westerners broadcast on TV from the Islamic world, the police officers in attendance and their colleagues will no doubt be thinking particularly carefully about how they vote this September.
Swedish Islamist Mohammed Omar has started an “Anti-Zionist Party” – yes, in Sweden! – so law enforcement officers can expect more of the same should he gain a foothold in the upcoming elections. Omar is aided and abetted by a coalition of LabourRed and Green parties (read Red-Green Extremists) who are unconcerned about the welfare of Swedes but, like Swedish “Christian Aid” organisation Diakonia, show an unhealthy interest in aiding Islamic terrorists in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Swedish journalist Per Gudmundson writes about this, (some text is in Swedish, most is in English), while Lisa Abramowics and David Frankfurter wrote as far back as 2004 that Sweden is funding Islamic terrorism. Meantime, the News That Matters blog offers additional evidence of the Swedish penchant for using public funding to assist Islamic terrorism.

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