A better world

In Jenin streets and public squares, TV programmes and kindergartens, are all named in honour of Islamist mass-murderers.
The Arabs of Jenin and the rest of Judea and Samaria (the two Jewish provinces also sometimes referred to as the “West Bank” following Jordan’s illegal occupation of the territory) would like to receive these two territories as a gift from the Jewish state so they can create something they have never had – a country of their own. The problem is they don’t ask nicely, don’t want peace and only offer hatred and violence in return. Visit the Palestinian Media Watch website for more details on how racial hatred is part and parcel of the official government Palestinian Arab toolkit for acquiring statehood. Visit PMW to find out about a recent report on Palestinian Arab glorification of terrorists.
In the UN skyscraper in New York, meantime, the Islamist state of Iran, known among other things for its imposition of the death penalty on female rape victims who cannot prove their innocence via four (4) male witnesses, was elected to the UN Commission on the Status of Women.
At least the UN has a building it can use in New York. If the plan of Pakistani-American Islamist Faisal Shahzad had succeeded, large parts of central New York would have been destroyed the other day when he planted a car bomb on the bustling streets with the aim of bringing some Islamist clarity to the decadent Western world. Read what Tawfik Hamid writes about how best to deal with the parallel threats of terrorism and Islamism.
In another two days Britain goes to the polling stations. One of the topics only being spoken about in hushed whispers is the rise of Islamist Sharia law in modern British society. And when one reads for instance how the BMI (British Muslim Initiative) openly recommends support for candidates who among other things work on behalf of the introduction of Sharia, one naturally wonders whether these elections are taking place in the British Isles or in the more remote tribal districts of Pakistan. BMI has a list of candidates who are Islamist-friendly, and the organisation encourages Muslims to vote “tactically, which may require supporting a candidate with whom we may not agree on every political view”. All’s fair in love and war – the love of Islamism and war on those countries where it is not yet law.
Islamism is thus a powerful factor in the British elections. A couple of years ago, the highly regarded British newspaper The Daily Telegraph published a revealing article on the subject entitled “We Want to Offer Sharia Law to Britain”. For more background, read A. Millar’s blog post “From Magna Carta to Sharia Law – Britain’s Decline” – it provides a detailed account of how Sharia law and Islamism are threatening British society.
Sweden too is going to the polling stations, in September. Islamism or not, even in these cold and remote latitudes there is a political party whose only item on the agenda is summarised by the party’s name: the “Anti-Zionist Party”. The anti-Zionist party is led by Islamist and extremist Mohammed Omar.
Read Cavatus’s Blog on the subject of Sharia law in Sweden.
Disloyal lack of interest in the societies in which they live, raise their children, work and pay their taxes appears to be a widespread malaise in Islamist circles.
The entire focus is on hatred. Hatred of the West, of Jews, democracy, Christianity, women, Hindus, pluralism.
It would be most refreshing if voters in both Great Britain and Sweden made a loud and clear statement in the hustings – the elections are about Britain and Sweden. Not about some half-baked, primitive, enforced values or the propaganda of misogynistic and racist sub-groups whose sole agenda is social subversion.