Israel’s “racist” traffic lights

You re(a)d right.
According to the once-reputable publication The Economist, traffic lights in Israel are automatically set to obstruct cars driven by Arabs in Jerusalem. Moreover, these same traffic lights have a special integrated function designed to give right of way to vehicles driven by Jews.
There’s no point looking over your shoulder to see if TV’s “Candid Camera” team are lurking around the corner to document your response to this bizarre claim – The Economist genuine believes its own propaganda!
What The Economist doesn’t do is to provide a shred of evidence to back up its strange claim.
What The Economist also doesn’t do is to respond to documentary evidence that the story is an absolute fabrication.
Visit the CAMERA website to read the organisation’s thorough report into and analysis of this ludicrous claim. It makes for reading that would be jaw-droppingly funny – if only it were not so blatantly anti-Semitic.
CAMERA provides detailed technical specifications accompanied by statistics, tables and maps to show how the traffic light system in central Jerusalem operates, but The Economist has chosen not to be encumbered by either fact or evidence.
It need hardly be added that Arab news channel Al Jazeera almost immediately took up the story and added its own, even more outrageous but equally unfounded twist to the allegations.