Human rights, Arab style

Terrorist organisation Hamas, which hijacked the Gaza Strip three years ago, rules the territory with an iron hand. No dissent is allowed. The smuggling of guns, rockets and bombs via innumerable tunnels has been developed by Hamas into an enormous money-spinning machine. The money goes to Hamas – the people get nothing.
Now there are reports that Egypt, in an attempt to stop this vast industry which somehow manages to smuggle in only armaments but – according to Hamas itself – no food or medicine, has taken to gassing to death the smugglers in their tunnels.
It’s the sort of bestiality that harks back to the horrors of the First World War.
When Israel had control over the territory, the Israelis’ treatment of the smugglers was humane and in full accordance with the law, human rights and sound common sense. Here are some pictures showing how smugglers detected in their tunnel were rescued and treated by the Israeli military after their tunnel collapsed.

But guess who is accused of committing “crimes against humanity” and “wanton disregard of human rights”?
This on Israel’s southern front.
On Israel’s northern front in the Lebanon, we are currently witnessing a development that is absurd beyond belief. It centres on Hizbollah, the Iran-supported terrorist organisation that has hijacked an entire country, the Lebanon, just like the Taliban, the Afghan terrorist organisation, hijacked an entire country, Afghanistan.
Hizbollah is in the Lebanese government (nothing is too bizarre to be impossible in the Arab world) and now the Lebanon will be taking over the rotating presidency of – wait for it and have your Valium ready – the UN Security Council.
It’s a bit like giving a serial paedophile a job in a kindergarten.
On Israel’s eastern front, meantime, Mahmoud Abbas, the “Palestinian President” (there are two of these, as well as two prime ministers, and two governments – don’t ask) said the other day that his recipe for representing the Palestinians is by allowing the Arab League to decide what he should do.
Perhaps I should have saved up that comment on putting a paedophile in charge of a kindergarten for now instead.
Abbas doesn’t even intend to accept the assistance of his newest buddy Hussein Obama unless the entire Arab world agrees. If there is one thing recent history has taught us, it is that the Arab world via its infamous Arab League has never ever wanted to help the Palestinians and never ever done anything to bring about improvements to the lives of the Arab world’s own citizens.
Business as usual, in other words. For 62 years now the Arab League has only succeeded in entrenching positions and worsening the problem. Now the Palestinian president is abdicating his power to the Arab League – while at the same time continuing to cash his enormous monthly cheque as Palestinian President. This is apparently part of his human rights…
Tears of frustration mixed with hysterical laughter – that’s the only response of the civilised world as one absurdity after the next afflicts the Arab world.
In the Arab world, human wrongs have been elevated to international policy.