Ship from Gaza

A disparate bunch of anti-democratic, dictator-supporting fanatical extremists and other peripheral organisations in Sweden are currently making waves (pardon the pun) about their plans to send a ship to Gaza.

They claim that the purpose is to transport “necessities” to the Islamist enclave. Here’s how the organisers put it themselves:

“Ship to Gaza is unaffiliated with political and religious organizations. It is a non-profit association which wishes to promote increased respect for human rights and international law.

Ship to Gaza interprets the humanitarian emergency in Gaza as being created by political policy.


Ship to Gaza is a non-profit and peaceful action from person to person.”

The question is not what they intend to take to the Gaza Strip. Despite being incessantly bombed by Gaza’s Islamist rulers, Israel already provides all the aid needed.

Not that aid is needed. Visit this site to see for yourself the “desperate plight” of the Gaza population and how much they so desperately need “humanitarian aid”. The text is in Swedish, but you don’t need an understanding of that or indeed any other language to see and appreciate the photographs – all taken in the Gaza Strip.

The real question is what the ship intends to take on board before it leaves Gaza.

Because, despite all the protestations about wishing to “promote increased respect for human rights” and ”international law”, despite all the impressive sound-bites concerning solidarity “from person to person”, the organisers do not mention with a single word the one person who has been illegally incarcerated for almost four years in a dungeon ten metres below ground in the Gaza Strip, denied such elementary human rights as sunlight, access to his parents, the Red Cross, a lawyer, doctor or UN representative.

Having said that, of course, it’s not that difficult to understand the silence on the part of the “Ship to Gaza” organizers – they don’t regard him as a person, he’s not human so he’s not entitled to human rights. He’s only a Jew. Even worse – he’s Israeli. His name is Gilad Schalit, and he was kidnapped from Israel while still a teenager, almost 1400 days ago.

Ignore what these immature state-subsidised Swedish armchair revolutionaries claim they will ship to Gaza. Previously, similar organisations have carried such “necessities” as balloons (yes, you read right), a handful of water-bottles, communist politicians and left-wing reporters to Gaza. All in the name of easing the “humanitarian crisis” in the Strip…

Do contact the organisations that so eagerly support this vile propaganda action and ask them why they do not feel that a Jew should be regarded as a human being.

Even when he is the only Jew in a Gaza Strip that has been entirely ethnically cleansed of every last Jew – in strict accordance with the demands of the Palestinians.

In accordance with his internationally guaranteed but totally ignored human rights, Gilad Schalit just wants to come home. Home to Israel. A multi-ethnic Israel where more than 20 percent of the population consists of Arabs, both Christian and Muslim.

The exact opposite of Gaza, in other words.

And the exact opposite of everything the “Ship to Gaza” organisation believes in and is actively supporting.

Here are the anti-democratic and anti-humanitarian organisations that believe Jews are not human beings, according to their own description of the aims of the “Ship to Gaza” organisation:

Christian Socialdemocrats of Sweden; Broderskapsrörelsen

Emmaus Björkå, Information in English

Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe

Folk high school of Angered (Swe)

Free Gaza Movement

Ibn Rushd

IFIS Islamic Association in Sweden

Islamic Relief

Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Olof Palme International Center

Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden (Swe)


SAC, Central Organization of the Workers of Sweden

Sensus study association

Sweden’s Muslim Council

Sweden’s Young Muslims

Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation

The Left Party of Sweden

The Greenparty Jönköping

The Workers Convoy


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Ilya Meyer on Sweden’s Olof Palme International Center, one of the Swedish state-subsidised organisations behind the anti-humanitarian Ship to Gaza propaganda exercise.