Figures are often very revealing

Interesting comparisons.
The Jerusalem Post reports that in the past week, 482 truckloads, 11,882 tonnes, of humanitarian aid were transported from Israel to the Gaza Strip. In the other direction, three truckloads of carnations were exported from Gaza to Europe via Israel.
Furthermore 730,833 litres of diesel fuel and 699 tonnes of cooking gas were also transported from Israel to the Gaza Strip.
What is more, 257 medical patients and family members from Gaza crossed into Israel and the West Bank/Judea and Samaria for medical attention.
In this same period, the Gaza Palestinians also fired one Kassam rocket into a civilian area in Israel, as well as six mortar shells. In addition, terrorists from the Gaza Strip opened fire at Israeli soldiers on the Israeli side of the border, firing at least three mortar bombs and two RPG anti-tank projectiles at the Israeli soldiers.
Seems to be a rather one-sided trade.
US president Hussein Obama seems to agree – he wants Israel to do more.
He still has no demands on the Palestinians.