Dhimmi March 2010

London’s Metropolitan Police have proposed a directive that allows Muslims to throw shoes at police officers. But only Muslims will be allowed this special right. Footwear apartheid in Hyde Park…
The reason? It has “come to the attention of the Met” that it is a Muslim custom to show displeasure by throwing shoes.
And if the perception in the host society is that it is a Muslim custom, then allowances must be made to embrace it.
Presumably the next step will be to embrace honour killings, another tradition in some Muslim communities.
No, this is not April 1st. This is mid-April, 2010. And the proposal has been made in all seriousness.
There is currently a hot debate on the issue on London’s LBC Radio.
Many Muslims have phoned in to say the proposed directive is idiotic and only serves to fan the flames of additional extremism and fanaticism.
Of course they’ll be ignored, because in Dhimmi Britain it is the extremists who set the agenda and the standard. The rest of society – Muslims and everyone else – have to follow suit.
The Caliphate is approaching. Fast.