Pallywood reaches new heights – or depths

Pallywood shows way more creative talent than either Hollywood or Bollywood does.
Hollywood has given us immortal classics such as “Gone with the Wind “. Bollywood has carved out an enviable reputation with smash box-office hits such as “Slumdog Millionaire”. Pallywood gives us the “The Muhammed al-Dura Mystery”, the admirably directed screen fiction about a little Palestinian Arab boy in the Gaza Strip who was “killed by Israeli soldiers“. It was of course a fictional story since the boy was actually murdered by Palestinian terrorists.
Pallywood’s most recent offering is a graphically detailed and well-written best-seller, a sequel in the classic al-Dura mould: “The Muhammad al-Farmawi Case”.
A week or so ago, the whole world was informed that a young boy, Muhammad al-Farmawi, had been shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip. There were eyewitness accounts by Palestinian officials, even medical pronouncements by Palestinian doctors about the condition of the boy’s body, and minutely detailed accounts of how the body lay on the ground bleeding out until the boy breathed his last gasp.
Like the al-Dura affair, it served to inflame public opinion against Israel, both in the Arab world and elsewhere.
As revealed previously here in this blog, the entire story is a bluff. A well-directed, well-choreographed story, but a bluff all the same. A drama created by Pallywood to capture the imagination of millions of people the world over. Bloggers and journalists throughout the world have uncovered the bluff and reported on it: read for instance here, here and here.
The boy is very much alive and well. He had illegally infiltrated into Egypt through one of Gaza’s innumerable smuggling tunnels – you know, the tunnels that somehow cannot bring in food and medicine but only rockets, ammunition and bombs. He was arrested by the Egyptian authorities, detained for a couple of days and then returned home to his mother in Gaza. He is currently in his bedroom doing his homework.
Read what CAMERA has to say about how the international media corrected the story in accordance with the facts. Or rather, how most didn’t bother.
The witch-hunt against Israel continues.
As usual.