Moderation, peace and understanding Kuwaiti style

Want to take the temperature of the more ‘moderate’ Arab world?
Go to Kuwait.
Here’s Kuwaiti Journalist Dr. ‘Issam ‘Abd Al-Latif Al-Fulaij writing in an article on March 8, 2010:

The Jews Understand Nothing but Force; They Mistreated Eichmann, After He Tried to Help Them.”

No need to check your calendar – this was not written on the 1st of April, April Fool’s Day. This was the 8th of March – Any Fool’s Day in the ‘moderate’ Arab world.
Want another quote from this illustrious author to put you in the mood? How about the following:

The Jews Do Not Understand the Language of Gentleness or Humanity; The Only Way to Deal with Them Is through Confrontation – the Way Hitler Dealt with Them.”

To read the entire article, visit MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute that broke the story. Here is the link to the article.
Now let’s all go back to unquestioningly backing Hussein Obama, the man in Washington who says that Islam is a “great religion”, a religion of peace. Here’s an extremist Islamist who disagrees that Islam is a religion of peace – even though he totally agrees with Obama’s softly-softly approach to Islamism and is delighted over the US President’s hands-off tactics with the almost-nuclear Iran.