Israel’s “racist” traffic lights

You re(a)d right. According to the once-reputable publication The Economist, traffic lights in Israel are automatically set to obstruct cars driven by Arabs in Jerusalem. Moreover, these same traffic lights have a special integrated function designed to give right of way to vehicles driven by Jews. There’s no point looking over your shoulder to see […]

The goal is not peace

“Peace is just a means to an end.” The goal, the end, is “Palestine”. That is what the Palestinian Authority (PA) wants. By which they mean the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Israel. That’s what Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’ representative says on TV. Openly. Visit […]

Who likes Hamas?

Not the Israelis – here’s how inhumanely Hamas toys with Jewish lives almost four years after the terrorist organisation kidnapped an Israeli teenager, Gilad Schalit, from inside Israel. Since then the boy has been held incarcerated in an underground bunker without being allowed to see sunlight – an achievement of which Hamas is inordinately proud. […]

Nazi propaganda for the Arab world

Daniel Pipes has reviewed a book entitled “Nazi Propaganda för the Arab World” written by Jeffrey Herf. The book was published in 2009 byYale University Press. The book offers interesting historical insight into Nazism’s influence on the development of modern pan-Arabism and it explains how Nazi ideology informs the Arab world’s political descisions to this […]

Ship from Gaza

A disparate bunch of anti-democratic, dictator-supporting fanatical extremists and other peripheral organisations in Sweden are currently making waves (pardon the pun) about their plans to send a ship to Gaza. They claim that the purpose is to transport “necessities” to the Islamist enclave. Here’s how the organisers put it themselves: “Ship to Gaza is unaffiliated […]

The touchy get touchier

And try to bully cartoonists into submission. Holland’s Theo van Gogh was murdered for his film “Submission”, Denmark’s Kurt Westergaard is under threat to his life for doodling on a piece of paper, an attempt was made on the life of Sweden’s Lars Vilks because he too is an artist – and now it is the turn of the irreverent […]

Pro-Palestinian = anti-democratic

Sweden’s infamous “Palestinagrupperna”, a loose-knit organisation of social inepts who embrace far-left communist ideologies and who support some of the worst dictatorships in human history, is now turning its hand to international politics. Well, only one single aspect of international politics. It has launched a campaign to drum up opinion against Israeli membership of the […]

57 into 62 will go

57 year old Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister and current “Middle East Peace Envoy”, is in Israel as the Jewish state celebrates its 62nd birthday. No, it’s not out of choice. A volcano in remote Iceland has forced European air traffic to a standstill. Tony Blair, the Quartet’s “Peace Envoy”, was in Israel […]