Peace in our time

Finally, peace is in the offing in the Middle East.

And it’s all thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. The man who took the presidency of the United States and turned it into an agency of the AIF.

The AIF? That’s right. The Arab Intransigence Front.

Did I say “peace”? Sorry, I meant “change”.

The AIF consists of Libya and Syria, whose whose chain is yanked by Iran, while the Palestinian Arabs, for the first time since they started massacring Jews back in the 1920s, are finally able to relax and let their allies in Teheran and Washington take the strain.

Make no mistake: the Washington-Teheran-Damascus-Ramallah axis is out to create history. Arab moderation such as it existed in the reign of rulers like Egypt’s President Sadat and Jordan’s King Hussein is finished, what is emerging is the inexorable onward crush of fanatical despotism as dictated by the likes of Moammar Gaddafi (read also this piece on the Libyan dictator), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bashar Assad, Khaled Meshaal, Mahmoud Abbas and Hassan Nasrallah.

Obama won a landmark victory at home with his health-care reforms. Desperate to prove that his domestic success was no flash-in-the-pan proof of mere domestic prowess but that he really is big enough for his overseas boots too, he has carefully tested the wind, abandoned his country’s support for democracy and realigned the United States with whoever can make him look powerful, purposeful, decisive. In short, whoever can make him look like a winner.

Which by definition means the Jews pay.

Read below under “Related Links” what Hussein Obama is doing to create and support a new intransigent Arab Middle East, how he is planning to shelve Israel and how disrespectfully he is treating America’s foremost ally. Britain routinely executes alleged militants abroad in extrajudicial killings and even fights wars in areas as far apart as Iraq, Argentina and Afghanistan while continuing to occupy Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. Nevertheless, Britain has taken its cue from its master, the Obama-led regime in Washington and in an unprecedented show of animosity has expelled an Israeli diplomat on account of unfounded allegations of Israeli complicity in the murder of a wanted terrorist in Dubai.

Britain’s extraordinarily duplicitous stance on the issue of targeted killings and the USA’s extraordinarily aggressive actions against its sole ally in the Middle East, Israel, are going to have far-reaching and long-lasting repercussions.

Israel may have been selected as the whipping-boy in Obama’s frenzied ego-trip, but it is a fact well known that when one has one’s back to the wall, the only alternative to voluntarily giving up one’s life is to come out fighting.

History has taught us that when pressed, Israel will come out fighting savagely.

The question is which regimes will be in power in Washington, Teheran, Damascus and Ramallah to pick up the pieces. Because just as Obama’s and Brown’s self-assigned policing activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen result in alarming civilian casualties well beyond US and UK borders, so too do Israel’s US- and UK-enforced policing activities on its own doorstep look likely to result in large-scale casualties well beyond Israel’s borders.

Obama may want to look beyond his own reflection just long enough to consider what he is unleashing on countless people throughout the Middle East.

He’s certainly going to go down in history as a president to remember.

The question is, will he be remembered as a bumbling idiot or a man smart enough to realize his own limitations and take the advice of his betters.

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