Obama’s intifada

Obama’s intifada continues to harvest lives

Barack Hussein Obama may nominally be the president of the United States of America, but he is increasingly behaving like the representative of some particularly hard-line Islamist regime in the Middle East.

It may explain why he signally fails to impose a single demand on the Palestinian Arabs. There is total consensus between the hard-line Hamas regime of Gaza and the ostensibly “moderate” Palestinian Authority of the West Bank – the two Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria that the Palestinians want to create a second Palestinian nation alongside the Palestinian nation of Jordan. Both the PA and Hamas want all of Israel, all of Jerusalem, and none of the Jews who live in the region.

Obama flatly refuses to impose a single demand on these two organizations, which in all other respects are otherwise sworn enemies of each other.

What Obama does do is to openly condemn Israel for wanting to build homes for Jews in the Jewish capital on land that has never belonged to any sovereign nation other than Israel. His latest condemnation of the Jewish state is officially linked to Israel’s long-known project for the construction of 1600 apartments in Jerusalem. However, increasing numbers of analysts note that what Hussein Obama is doing is actually to alter the political make-up of the sovereign state of Israel by forcing Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu out of power, to be replaced by someone more favourable to Obama’s visions for the Middle East.

Interestingly in the context of apartment building in capital cities, Swedish politicians during this election year are proudly claiming responsibility for wanting to build 15,000 new apartments in and around Stockholm (link in Swedish). Obama has no comment. Of course, Sweden is not a Jewish country so it is not worthy of his interest.

After noting Hussein Obama’s steady ramping up of attacks on the Jewish state, his insults to the Jewish premier on the latter’s recent visit to Washington and the US president’s utter failure to make any demands on the intransigent Muslim regimes that aim to replace Israel with the world’s 25th Arab and 56th Muslim state, the hardliners in Gaza have accordingly stepped up their own attacks on the Jewish state.

Last week it was a civilian farm worker in southern Israel who was killed in a Hamas rocket assault on the farm where he worked. Today four Palestinian Arabs and two Israeli soldiers were killed when the Arabs attempted to invade Israel and kidnap more Jews to join Gilad Schalit, the only Jew alive in an otherwise entirely ethnically cleansed Gaza Strip. Gilad Schalit is being used in a macabre human trafficking scam to extract the release of convicted mass-murderers and terrorists.

Hussein Obama has no comments regarding the ethnically cleansed, Jew-free nature of the Gaza Strip. That may be because he is too busy planning his next proxy attack on the Jewish state. He certainly isn’t dealing with the Jewish state’s biggest existential threat in its entire history – a nuclear-armed Islamist Iran. Even though the Iranian threat is also a threat to the US and Europe. Hussein Obama, known for his years of upbringing as a strict Muslim and later for his friendship with a Christian pastor of particularly un-Christian attitudes towards Jews, shows an embarrassing animosity towards Jews and a transparently burning desire to penalise the Jewish state, whatever the risk to his own country or his allies.

The administration of Hussein Obama, president of the USA, is characterized by strange silences interspersed with voluble outbursts that delight the USA’s enemies and alienate its friends. And still there are a few analysts who maintain that he is actually serving US interests.

It’s almost as though the Obama administration had settled down for business in the wrong capital.

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