Silence and condemnation

Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007.

More specifically, 250 Greenwich Street.

It’s where the World Trade Center used to stand.

The street is going to be renamed.

Its new name: Osama bin Laden Plaza.

You may not have heard about this. No international protests. No public demonstrations about the unsuitability of naming the site after a terrorist and mass-murderer of civilians. No debates in the UN Security Council. No hasty meetings convened between the US and EU to discuss the aggressive tone of this deliberate insult, no inter-governmental agreements on how best to punish the decision-makers behind this tasteless, counterproductive measure. No UN comment on how this unnecessarily subverts attempts to bridge cultural, political and religious divides.

The reason for the silence?

Perhaps it’s because the US prizes consistency. After all, the US signally refused to comment on – let alone condemn – the Palestinian Authority for naming the public square outside Ramallah town hall in honour of terrorist and mass-murderer Dalal Mughrabi, who a number of years ago killed 38 Jewish civilians in Israel, including 13 children. The dedication of the town square was scheduled to coincide with US Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit to the region.

Before we go any further, let me clarify that there are no plans to rename the Twin Towers site. It was merely a ruse to make a point. But that point, however, is still frighteníngly valid. Why the US silence on dedicating a town square to a terrorist and mass-murderer? The US is, after all, bankrolling the Palestinian Authority and even arming and training its fighters. Does the US administration really feel so comfortable with this decision by its protégé?

Not only was it not Joe Biden’s policy to comment on the decision, he did not actually have time to comment on it – he was too busy “condemning” Israel for wanting to build apartments for Jews in a part of Jerusalem that even the Palestinian Arabs recognize will always remain part of Israel, whatever the shape and details of a possible future final-status peace agreement.

Interestingly, neither Joe Biden nor Barack Hussein Obama nor Hillary Clinton has ever spoken out against the unsuitability of China building apartments for ethnic Chinese in Tibet, after first transferring one million Tibetans out of their ancestral home and carting them off to China, with one million ethnic Chinese taking their place in Tibet.

So perhaps it has nothing to do with consistency, after all.

Perhaps it’s simply a question of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton – as well as Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu – being held to ransom by a pathetically immature US president.

(With thanks to Yaakov Kirschen, Israel, who regularly publishes exquisite social and political commentary in cartoon form in the Dry Bones Blog:

A president who is tough on his nation’s colleagues and allies, but soft on his nation’s enemies. A president who sets greater store by personal prestige than by strategic sensibilities. A president who has keener affiliations with the Muslim world than with the Western world.

Incomprehensively, Obama keeps trying to force Israel to pay the price for Palestinian Arab intransigence. “Intransigence”? Yup. This week the Palestinian Arabs – both the extremist Islamist Hamas and the extremist secular PA – joined forces to launch a violent yet comically named “Day of Rage” (read also here) to protest Israel’s rebuilding of the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem. This is the synagogue that the Palestinian Arabs destroyed in 1948. Absorb it: the Palestinian Arabs are protesting the rebuilding of a Jewish religious site that they destroyed, and claim that by doing so they are protecting the freedom of their own religious sites. So much for adherents of what is constantly being touted as the “religion of peace”. Read here an unguardedly honest view of one Muslim cleric on the implications of his own religion. (Hat tip to blogger Loganswarning).

No comment from Obama, Biden or Clinton on this either. They seem to have an innate inability to comment on any negative steps taken by Muslim regimes or on any expressions of Muslim extremism as stemming from … well … Islam.


Of course, perhaps the US administration is simply far too busy cowering in the face of the increasingly strident position being taken by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Turkey.

See a common denominator?

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