This Palestinian issue is a complex one

The Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank want to create a second Palestinian Arab state alongside the first Palestinian Arab state of Jordan.

Fair enough.

They want to create their second Palestinian Arab state in the millennia-old Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria.

Fair enough.

In the civilized world, people who want something that isn’t theirs enter into a process of negotiation. There are prices to be agreed, contracts to be signed, guarantees to be provided and money to be paid.

Except when it comes to the Palestinian Arabs. They have indeed been living in Judea and Samaria for a number of generations. They immigrated there from all over the Arab world in the wake of the Jews’ success in rebuilding the Jewish nation. The Jews revitalized the region, elevating it from a malaria-ridden hell-hole as part of the Ottoman Empire to a flourishing modern centre of agriculture, industry, trade and commerce.

None of this alters the fact that, following their mass immigration to Mandate Palestine looking for jobs created by the Jews, the Palestinian Arabs are here today, and they are here to stay.

It is their right to stay.

What remains is to negotiate the terms, the price to be paid by the Palestinian Arabs who want to take over ownership of the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, with appropriate border adjustments as necessary.

What is not negotiable is that the Palestinian Arabs really DO have to pay a price. Acquisition without payment is called theft. That payment is exactly what the Palestinian Arabs are trying to avoid. And they are very insistent.

They insist on their right to commit terrorism against Jews.

They insist on their right to indoctrinate children and adults in anti-Semitism, including in the state media and via their mosques.

They insist on their “right to return” to Israel as part of a wider regional settlement that will give them something they never had – a second country of their own, Palestine.

Read it again: the Palestinian Arabs want a country of their own, and insist that the key to their independence is some God-given (and UN-sanctioned) right to settle in another sovereign country, namely Israel. The equivalent would be for Albanians to claim the right of independence by demanding the right – sanctioned by the UN – to settle in Canada.

It is an absurdity that would never be entertained.

Here, however, the demands are being made by Palestinian Arabs, so what would be regarded as sublime comedy in any other context is treated with the utmost seriousness by people with impressive titles and even more impressive salaries – paid for by the UN. That’s that portion of your income that is taken from you every single month and sent to the UN in pursuit of reasoned, logical, well thought-out policies like this.

What else are the Palestinian Arabs demanding? For on-the-spot insight into what the Palestinian Arab national movement brings with it wherever it goes, look at the following short film clip from MEMRI. It shows just how much disregard the Palestinian national movement has for the countries in which it operates. Israelis may be on the front line of Palestinian Arab terrorism every single day, but you’ve got to feel really sorry for the many Arab communities the world over that have been and still are stigmatized and bullied in their own homes by a Palestinian national movement that respects nobody and nothing, least of all the basic rules of logic and respect. Read the transcript of the entire clip here.

The sentiments expressed by the Lebanese in their own homes are echoed throughout the Arab world. Despite official government lip service to “the Palestinian cause”, nobody in the Arab world wants anything to do with the Palestinian Arabs. Not because they are not sympathetic to the plight their leaders brought upon them, but because they have shown time and again an absolute unwillingness to do anything to extricate themselves through positive contribution. There have been countless opportunities for peace – turned down every single time by a Palestinian Arab leadership greedy for ever more. Not least a Palestine built on the ruins of Israel. All or nothing.

It’s all enshrined in that demand for a “return” to Israel – as part of the Palestinian yearning for an independent Palestine. The utter absurdity, the sheer lack of logic, the total absence of historical perspective, is staggering.

So is the Palestinian issue such a complex one after all?

Not in the least.

Tackle the intransigence at source: stop the Iranian interference and prevent the UN from infecting the issue, and the problem will resolve itself over an amicable cup of tea by midmorning tomorrow. The finer details may take until afternoon coffee to finalize.

With everyone doing what needs to be done. Because everyone knows exactly what has to be done.

Maybe when the Palestinian national movement finally ratifies the purchase agreement for the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, pays the purchase price and builds its own country, then the Lebanese will finally gain the freedom of their own country.

The Palestinian exodus from Arab lands is eagerly awaited throughout the Arab world.

Because the Arab world is truly desperate for its independence from 60-odd years of Palestinian occupation.

Here are some interesting articles on how Palestinian yearning for their own homeland often seems to involve not just the murder of Jews in Israel but also the murder of Christians in the West Bank and Lebanon, and the murder of Muslims in Syria, Jordan, Libya and Egypt. Among many other places.

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