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Human trafficking, mafia-style slayings, now bank heists

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

President Hussein Obama’s Hamas allies in Gaza are a breed apart.

The US, EU, Quartet and UN are all strategically silent while the violent Hamas regime in Gaza seizes more than a quarter of a million dollars from a local bank. Hamas is a staunchly religious Muslim group that also engages in the practice of human trafficking (read also the following two links for more information about Hamas, what it represents and how it is used as part of the inexorable US/UN anti-Israel drive).

The US, EU, Quartet and UN are all strategically voluble when twenty (20) apartments are given planning permission in Jerusalem. The apartments are intended to house staunchly religious Jews.

The disparity in the treatment of Muslims and Jews is very worrying.

All the more so since the long-scheduled construction of 20 apartments for Jews in Jerusalem is given greater political attention than the accelerated construction of Islamist Iranian nuclear weapons with the avowed intention of erasing the Jewish state from the planet.

It’s a disparity that seems to appeal to Hussein Obama.

Now THAT is really worrying.

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Let my people stay

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Pesach – Passover – is celebrated today.

This is the time Jews the world over celebrate the exodus from Pharaoh’s slavery in Egypt and freedom in the Jewish land, Israel. Then the slogan was “Let my people go!”

Things sure are different today.

Full credit to a superb cartoonist who has his finger right on the pulse.

Is Homer Simpson more objective than Hussein Obama is?

Monday, March 29th, 2010

When presidential candidate Hussein Obama needed votes to secure what is arguably the most powerful position in global politics, he had no hesitation in visiting Jerusalem.

Today, however, secure in his position for the next couple of years at least, he has no need for Jewish – or indeed democratic – support and has gone out of his way to demonstrate his aversion to Israel, in particular the Jewish nation’s elected leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

Back then, when the Obama candidacy needed Jewish votes, candidate Obama talked about recognition of an undivided Jerusalem.


Today, president Obama talks about the absolute need for Jews to stop building homes in the Jewish capital in order to get intransigent Arabs and Islamists to pause long enough in their assault on the Jewish nation to sign an agreement in which they specify how long they wish to spend destroying Israel. By sheer coincidence, the time-span being kicked around is exactly the time needed by Obama’s latest buddy, Teheran’s Ahmadinejad, to conclude the development of his nuclear arsenal.

Back then, when Obama desperately needed every vote, he even travelled to Sderot, the town that has been battered by more than 10,000 Hamas missiles from Gaza, and said that whatever the final status of Jerusalem, “it s not the job of the United States to dictate the form that will take” but that it must be decided “by the parties themselves“:


Today, of course, with US elections well out of the way, the US administration under Hussein Obama is doing just that, dictating precisely where Washington agrees for Jews to live in an area of the Holy Land that has never in history belonged to any other sovereign state. More specifically, what Obama is doing is to prevent any chance of Israelis and Palestinians from discussing the issue themselves, by dictating to the Israelis preconditions that even the Palestinians themselves are to shy to ask for.

Now into the breach steps Homer Simpson. The 2-D figure from Springfield so beloved from TV screens the world over has done what the 2-D figure from Washington has failed to do: Homer took his family and visited Israel AFTER the US elections, when there were no votes in the balance.

It was no cosy, sweet-as-cotton-candy picture that Homer tried to paint. On the contrary, his retinue included the in-your-face Jacob, voiced-over by Sacha Baron Cohen, whose highly controversial on-screen personas include Bruno and Borat.

But still Homer Simpson and his family did something that Obama and his family wouldn’t: visit, learn at first hand, have their pictures taken at Judaism’s holiest site when it is NOT election year.

Let me say what increasing numbers of Americans are saying:

 Homer Simpson for President.

There’d certainly be more chance of peace than with the current incumbent.