What’s in a phone call?

A whole lot, actually.
At least, it is if you’re one of our Palestinian Arab “partners for peace” and you have now taken to using your phone to torment Jewish police officers

Judea and Samaria Police nowadays field up to 40,000 phone calls a month from Palestinian Arabs who hurl crude abuse at the officers. The police manning the switchboards are trained not to respond in kind but to instead hang up the phone when they receive crank calls of this nature.

But whatever you do, don’t tell Richard Goldstone about the aggressive and disproportionate Zionist response because he’ll immediately appeal to the UN for additional millions out of our hard-earned tax dollars and set up a commission to condemn the Israeli police officers for hanging up the phone while they are being abused. After all, the torrent of naked abuse might just be a precursor to the caller’s wish to report that his cat is stuck up a tree, or that he suspects his neighbour hasn’t paid his TV licence fee.

Improbable, but possible. Which in UN-speak would probably translate into “definitely worth protecting and funding from public money as a human right specific only to Palestinian Arabs unto the ninth generation”.

But let’s be creative: all calls to the police should be automatically charged at a rate of say NIS 100 per call. Bona fide calls to the police will automatically result in this sum being immediately reimbursed to the caller’s phone account – the process will take a nanosecond – whereas any bogus call prompting the police to hang up will mean that the fee is applied in full.

Israel leads the world in software development. Any high-school kid could develop the software needed to run this application.

All proceeds could go towards the cost of extending the security barrier.