Ilmar Reepalu of Malmö: Wrong in every language

Estonian-born mayor of Malmö Mr Illmar Reepalu seems to have an inbred need to disseminate hatred of everything Jewish. He also appears to have a rather uncomfortable relationship with the truth. And he seems to have a markedly selective grasp of the English language. In fact, every time he speaks or writes – whatever the […]

The unholy trinity

2010 is election year in Sweden. In power today is an alliance consisting of the Conservatives, Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats. That is something that Sweden’s communists (recently rebranded the Left Party), the extreme-left Social Democrats and ultra-left Greens want to change. On February 17 three of these three parties’ leading lights – Urban […]

What exactly do the Palestinians want?

Question:When is it OK to demolish a Muslim graveyard in order to use the property to build factories, shops, banks and offices?Answer:When Muslims in Jerusalem want to make money. (Read the Palestine Post from November 22, 1945 for proof.) Question:When is it an insult against Islam to build on a derelict former parking lot that […]

And the winner is…

What’s in a name? A whole lot, actually. Radical Islamists deliberately blur the distinction between “Judaism” and “Zionism”, and between “Jew” and “Israeli”. They do so as part of their focused drive to demonise the Jewish faith and Jewish ethnicity and to engender an atmosphere in which all Jews everywhere are regarded as legitimate prey. […]

There IS justice in this world.

Well, at least there is in the UK. In Britain, Baroness Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat lawmaker, hopped on the Swedish blood-libel bandwagon set in motion by Donald Boström (read also here, here, here, here and here). Of course, they were far from alone. Al Jazeera, Iran, Syria, Egypt and countless others in the Arab and Islamic […]

2922 is less than 22

In December 2008, Operation Cast Lead saw Israel finally respond to 2922 days of constant missile barrages from the Gaza Strip – up to 50 missiles a day – aimed at Israeli towns, villages, hospitals, schools, power stations and factories. The Israeli response to these 2922 days of Palestinian Arab aggression lasted 22 days. Much […]

Interview with Israel's ambassador to India, Mark Sofer

In early February 2010, I conducted a telephone interview with Mr Mark Sofer, Israel’s ambassador to India. Mr Sofer’s previous diplomatic service included Norway, so he is also well acquainted with the Scandinavian scene.  The interview covers a wide range of topics – the 2000 year old history of the Jews in India, the remarkable […]

The Palestinians want neither Partnership nor Peace

Israel has a partner for peace in the Palestinian Authority (PA). That’s why a police officer belonging to the PA yesterday murdered an Israeli sitting in his vehicle at the traffic lights by stabbing him in the chest with a knife. The PA terrorist, whose salary is paid by the EU, whose freedom of movement is […]

Boycott the Jews. In Sweden.

When blood-libels about organ-harvesting don’t work, it’s time to dust off that other weapon that has served racists so well for centuries: the boycott. Not just any boycott. A boycott solely against people of one single faith. People who refuse to betray their own country. And not just any people either. Academics. The leading thinkers […]