The music dies out as the West stumbles on towards its destiny

It’s OK to play music and dance in the streets to celebrate the massacre of civilians on 9/11, but illegal to play music and dance at your own wedding.
Hamas, the government of the Gaza Strip

This is no joke, and no exaggeration. Watch this video, made by a Palestinian Arab, which documents how Hamas kills a bridegroom for playing music at his own wedding.


Hamas abuse of civilians and children as part of its racist war against the Jews is well-known, thoroughly documented – and largely ignored.

Read here to find out just how it is that Hamas terrorists are masqueraded as “civilians” – even after they are dead. The deception comes alive even after their death, in the statistics that Hamas and their willing collaborators in the West spread as part of their US- and European government-funded propaganda operations.

Richard Goldstone, in his whitewash of Hamas culpability and his publicly funded targeting of Israel’s self-defense measures, noted that there was “no evidence” that Hamas waged war against Israel from civilian areas and with its fighters dressed in civilian clothing.

Bloggers Elder of Ziyon and Solomonia beg to differ. And they have the video and other evidence to back their claims of Hamas abuse of the Geneva Conventions.

Read Augean Stables for a highly lucid comment on the subject and further video evidence of Hamas tactics.

Of course, Hamas does not only use adult civilians in its propaganda war. Here is a video clip from MEMRI that shows what passes for children’s entertainment on Hamas TV. Raw indoctrination of vulnerable minors, racism of the most brutal sort. It needs to be remembered that the Palestinian Arabs – in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip – rely exclusively on the West for their financial well-being. Agriculture, industry and trade have zero priority, it is the West that funds the Palestinian Arab war and propaganda budget.

For a further analysis of just what Hamas is up to, to understand the racist Islamist mindset that drives this and countless similar organisations, and to understand how close the West is to committing collective suicide in the face of the Islamist onslaught, read another piece from Augean Stables.

And there’s more. Bret Stephens, renowned from his senior writing and editorial positions at highly reputable publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Jerusalem Post, raises the question of whether the West is competent to safeguard its own civilization in a climate in which Political Correctness has replaced organized religion as the key aspiration for politicians keener to preserve their jobs in the short term than they are to protect their citizens in the long term.

While continuing to routinely ignore human rights abuses in the Arab and Muslim worlds, the West continues to do what is most convenient – kowtow to the threats issuing from the Arab and Muslim worlds and focus instead on delegitimisation and demonisation of the sole democracy in the Middle East. Israel. As many keen observers and analysts have pointed out, it’s remarkably like dropping your car keys by mistake and then searching for them under the street light because that’s where it’s bright and most convenient to search, rather than in the pools of inky darkness in between – where you actually dropped them.

Turning a blind eye to Islamist aggression has become such second nature in the West that few question where we are headed. Fewer still recognize that this is a problem. One of the exceptions to the rule showed itself in Der Spiegel where an editorial by Henryk M Broder pointed out with the utmost clarity that the West is indeed choked by fear. Spiegel also has another highly interesting article entitled “Fears of Eurabia: How Much Allah Can The Old Continent Bear?” Well worth a read for its cool, objective analysis.

The question that begs an answer, of course, is whether the politicians will ever wake up to the occasional clarion calls being sounded by the media. Or whether they will continue to insist that we do not have a problem with any given religion, just with certain nationalities.

In the wake of the attempted terror attack on the civilian airliner in Detroit last Christmas, President Barack Hussein Obama has announced restrictive travel measures for 14 nations.

All are Muslim nations.

But he continues to deny that the US faces a Muslim or Islamist threat.

Either his eyesight is failing, or his intelligence is. And I mean his intelligence, not his intelligence agencies.

They’re never given the chance to do their job. Political Correctness has higher priority than national well-being.

Of course, Obama isn’t the only politican suffering from SES – Selective Eyesigt Syndrome. Has-been US President Jimmy Carter has made a name for himself – particularly in the Arab world – for his constant baracking of the world’s sole Jewish state. Now he has apologised for hurting the feelings of Israelis and Jews worldwide, apparently in the belief that his scant apology buys him sufficient breathing-space to continue his attacks on the Jewish state. While at the same time continuing to ignore the legion human rights abuses throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds. Read what CAMERA writes in its response to Jimmy Carter.

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