Code Red in Malmö

Sweden’s third-largest city is Malmö. Malmö is ruled by a Social Democratic mayor with extremist left-wing leanings. In deference to his red political leanings, Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu states – publicly and on the day that the civilised world commemorates the 6 million Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust – that Swedish Jews are required to […]

Sweden at the crossroads: choice between dignity and anti-Semitism

Yesterday the entire civilised world remembered the 6 million Jewish victims who 60-odd years ago were selected for the worst anti-Semitic barbarity in modern time – the Holocaust. With breathtaking callousness, yesterday was also the day Ilmar Reepalu, the Social Democratic mayor of Malmö who last year tried to stop Jews playing tennis in his […]

Sweden boycotts Haiti

The whole world is focusing its efforts on bringing relief to the stricken population of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake there last week. Well, not quite the whole world. The Arab world isn’t. The oil-rich Arab world with its multi-billion dollar oil revenues continues to spend its wealth on marketing the world’s […]

With Jihadi Islam, everyone's a loser

It seems the world is gradually accepting the need to identify problems accurately instead of baptising them with politically correct euphemisms. The Swiss decided in a referendum to ban the construction of minarets on mosques. Many – but far from all – mosques are increasingly regarded as fertile breeding-grounds for Islamist fanatics peddling a sinister […]

Pop-quiz for peace

First there were howls of protest because Jews in Israel dared build a security barrier to shield themselves from maniacal homicide bombers out to kill Jews because they were Jews. The protesters – the Arabs, the Arabists and the Left – insisted that the problem was that it was not right to build a barrier […]

The music dies out as the West stumbles on towards its destiny

It’s OK to play music and dance in the streets to celebrate the massacre of civilians on 9/11, but illegal to play music and dance at your own wedding.Hamas, the government of the Gaza Strip This is no joke, and no exaggeration. Watch this video, made by a Palestinian Arab, which documents how Hamas kills […]

Out with the old, in with the new. Maybe.

So 2009 has ended. Here’s how it ended in Israel. With a powerful missile fired from a civilian residential area in Gaza into a civilian residential area in Netivot, Israel. Palestinian Arab President Mahmoud Abbas is the head of the Fatah political party. The rocket was fired from Hamas-controlled territory by the Al-Aqsa Brigade, a […]