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Code Red in Malmö

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Sweden’s third-largest city is Malmö.

Malmö is ruled by a Social Democratic mayor with extremist left-wing leanings. In deference to his red political leanings, Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu states – publicly and on the day that the civilised world commemorates the 6 million Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust – that Swedish Jews are required to publicly display their animosity towards the Jewish state of Israel. If they don’t, they deserve what’s coming to them.

And what’s coming to them is anti-Semitic attacks, physical attacks on individual Jews, mass attacks on Jews congregating in public places, attacks on synagogues, vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and a ban on Jews playing tennis in public, if these Jews are Israelis.

In this context it ought to be mentioned that something in the region of 30 percent of Malmö’s population is Muslim. In fact, with Reepalu at the helm, Malmö has forged student-exchange links between schools in Malmö, Sweden, and that other beacon of democracy, gender equality and religious freedom, Saudi Arabia. (Link in Swedish.)

Furthermore, it needs to be pointed out that 2010 is election year in Sweden.

The mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, his brown shirt sleeves rolled up for action, is fishing for votes. In some very murky waters indeed.

To their credit, large swathes of the Swedish media have been scathing in their condemnation of Reepalu’s overtly racist comments.

What is disturbing, however, is the politically correct disconnect that this media condemnation highlights: Ilmar Reepalu was born in Estonia, a country which during the Second World War was noted for its strong Nazi sympathies. Virtually identical statements by Swedish citizens with Islamist affiliations, however, have for years passed by without media comment.

It is a worrying discrepancy in a country that is nominally a democracy. It would appear that Sweden’s direction is not determined by elections but rather by political correctness.

Ilmar Reepalu’s party leader, Social Democrat Mona Sahlin, continues to remain silent. It’s a silence that speaks volumes.

Sweden’s voters have the opportunity to speak far louder in the upcoming parliamentary elections this September.

Because in Sweden, red truly signals danger.

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Sweden at the crossroads: choice between dignity and anti-Semitism

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Yesterday the entire civilised world remembered the 6 million Jewish victims who 60-odd years ago were selected for the worst anti-Semitic barbarity in modern time – the Holocaust.

With breathtaking callousness, yesterday was also the day Ilmar Reepalu, the Social Democratic mayor of Malmö who last year tried to stop Jews playing tennis in his city because they were Israelis, chose to make the following statements:

  • Zionism – The Jewish national movement that is the very cornerstone of the State of Israel – is “unacceptable”. Reepalu declares this in the same interview in which he nevertheless goes on to say that “At City Hall we do not deal with foreign policy – that is against the law.”
  • Reepalu regards Zionism, the Jewish national movement as an expression of “extremism … which places its adherents above all other groups and regards other people as inferior.” That is an odd claim bearing in mind that 20 percent of the Zionist State of Israel consists of Arabs – both Muslims and Christians – and the fact that the Jewish state is the only country to which Muslims fleeing Muslim-on-Muslim pogroms in Muslim states and regions such as Darfur and Nigeria deliberately cross several Muslim countries to claim refugee status in the world’s sole Jewish state. In fact, these “extremist” Zionists travel the world to bring aid to “inferior” groups of people suffering as a result of natural disasters – Hindus in India, Muslims in Turkey, Christians in Haiti, black Africans in Kenya, Asians in China. These are also the very same Zionists who, while under rocket bombardment from the Muslim regime in Gaza, transport hundreds of thousands of tonnes of supplies to the Hamas enclave – an area ethnically cleansed of all Jews, including the dead – even though the Hamas charter specifies as its aim the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. Interestingly, Swedish Social Democratic mayor of Malmö Ilmar Reepalu has no comment on any other national movements. Only the Jewish national movement is selected for criticism.
  • Israel is described by Ilmar Reepalu as a “festering sore”. Reepalu has no comment on any other people’s native countries. Only the Jewish state is selected for criticism.
  • Jews who refuse to strongly and publicly criticise Israel “send the wrong signals” to the society around them. Reepalu has no comments on any other religious or ethnic groups who refuse to criticise their own native countries. For instance, he has not demanded that Malmö’s Muslims criticise Iran, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority or Egypt for the countless documented human rights abuses in those countries. He does not feel that they “send the wrong signals” to the society around them if they do not express criticism of their native countries. Only Jews are selected for criticism.
  • Jews who demonstrate their support for Israel have themselves to blame if they are attacked. Reepalu has no comments on any other groups that demonstrate their support for countries such as Iran or terror groups such as Hamas or Hizbollah.
  • The only antisemitism that exists, according to Reepalu, comes from “the Right”; he does not accept that there is any Left-wing anti-Semitism or any Islamist anti-Semitism in Sweden. Despite thoroughly conducted investigations by the police which state the exact opposite.
  • The Jewish State of Israel has no right to self-defence according to Swedish Social Democrat Ilmar Reepalu. 10,000 Hamas missiles from Gaza fired over a period of 8 years at Israeli towns and villages merits no comment from the Social Democrat strongman of Malmö. It is only when Jews respond to the bombardment that he is spurred to comment – stating that Israel’s response is “disproportionate”. Israel’s response to the 2922 days of Islamist missile bombardment lasted 22 days. Disproportionate indeed.

The above hammer-blows against democratic belief systems and common humanity were delivered by Swedish Social Democratic mayor of Malmö Ilmar Reepalu, on the day when the civilised world commemorated the 6 million Jews selected for slaughter during the Holocaust.

Something is truly rotten in the state of Sweden, in Sweden’s Social Democratic party, when Ilmar Reepalu is allowed to make such statements, with such macabre timing – and is allowed to remain in office.

Social Democratic party leader Mona Sahlin needs to wake up to the dangers facing not only her party but her country. For the sake of Sweden’s well-being at home and reputation abroad.

Bearing in mind Mona Sahlin’s track record of photographic proximity to Islamist terror organisations and her remarkable denial as Minister of Integration that there was any anti-Semitism in Sweden, in particular not Muslim anti-Semitism (this was during a TV programme in which a 13 year old Jewish boy recounted his suffering at the hands of Muslim anti-Semites, the police have a detailed account of every attack), there may not perhaps be much point in expecting any response from Ms Sahlin.

Christians here routinely monitor the Jewish population. This is not a case of sinister profiling – rather, they bemoan the fact that after more than 200 years in what used to be a Scandinavian paradise, so many Jews are leaving the country for the safety of foreign shores, usually Israel. Christians watch and wonder. They wonder when it will be their turn to leave, and who will welcome them as they leave the country they have inhabited since the dawn of Christianity and indeed well before that.

Sweden is at a moral crossroads. And an ethnic, religious and existential one.

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Sweden boycotts Haiti

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The whole world is focusing its efforts on bringing relief to the stricken population of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake there last week.

Well, not quite the whole world.

The Arab world isn’t.

The oil-rich Arab world with its multi-billion dollar oil revenues continues to spend its wealth on marketing the world’s tallest building, on disseminating the world’s most hate-filled racist indoctrination against Jews, on waging the bloodiest wars against other Arabs and other Muslims. Haiti is largely a non-event in the Arab world.

As much a non-event, indeed, as it is in the Swedish state-owned media, SR (Swedish Radio) and SVT (Swedish Television).

While the civilised world started immediate plans on how best to aid Haiti, the world’s sole Jewish nation, Israel, immediately packed a number of aircraft with emergency aid and 250 military personnel trained in vital areas such as search and rescue, field surgery, psychological counselling, first aid, logistics, nutrition and more. The team included 40 doctors and 40 nurses and medics. By the time other nations started airlifting aid to Haiti, Israel, population 7 million and beset by aggressive Islamist regimes bent solely on the destruction of the Jewish state, had already set up a 90-bed field hospital, rescued a number of survivors from beneath collapsed buildings, treated more than 100 patients, one-third of them in serious condition, and delivered a healthy baby boy from a young mother who went into labour. The mother, acknowledging a debt of gratitude, named the boy Israel.

All over the world, the media reported at length on the prompt, successful and warmly appreciated Israeli aid effort. There were lengthy – and positive – TV news reports by the internationally acclaimed Sky News and even by the BBC, an organisation usually better known for its tax-funded propaganda campaign against the Jewish state. 

The only nation refusing to report on the Israeli aid effort, alongside the usual raft of Islamist dictatorships in the Middle East, was Sweden. Not a single report on Swedish Radio or Swedish TV hinting that Israel had done any work. The Swedish state-run media prefer not to report on the current situation in Haiti, if it involves putting Israel in a positive light. The result – news blackout. Those Swedes who do not monitor the foreign media simply do not know anything about the current emergency aid situation in Haiti.

Both Swedish Radio and Swedish Television are state-funded. As in many other areas, Swedish tax revenues are being used to channel Swedish minds, to carve out a Swedish mindset that is unquestioningly anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic.

Anyone reading this blog will have been able to rely on TV reports in their own countries showing Israel’s massive emergency aid drive. Israel was the first and is still the largest and most successful aid team on the ground. I do not need to supply you with any links because you will already have seen Israel at work.

But for my Swedish readers, I will include three short clips, because they contain information that is earth-shattering news to them. Of course, the clips are in Hebrew and English – there is no question of any Swedish radio or TV reports praising Israel being allowed to air in this country.

And they said Pravda was dead…

The first clip shows the Israeli team deploying and starting its operations on site.

The second clip shows the search and rescue team extracting a survivor from under a collapsed building. The rescue operation took eight hours.

The third clip deals with the birth of baby Israel at Israel’s field hospital in Haiti.

According to state-run Swedish Radio and Swedish TV, while the rest of the world felt fit to show this as news, Sweden along with other nations such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria felt such news was unfit for the population.

What’s the expression? “You’re judged by the company you keep“? Sweden would appear to be in fine company.

You don’t need any links to newspaper articles on this subject because if you are reading this in English you already live in a part of the world with a free press, so you can read just how much good Israel has already done in Haiti.

Just tell your Swedish friends – they also have a right to know what’s going on in the world. They simply don’t know what they’re not allowed to know.

To put your Swedish friends in the picture, send them the following link from this website. It’s an article in Swedish, the English title would be “Haiti Bleeds, But in the Arab World it’s Business as Usual“. It was posted yesterday. It will help them take in the wider picture.