Pantomime in Caracas

You’ve got to hand it to budding comedian Hugo Chavez, currently on working experience as President of Venezuela.

He says that it is right for the Arabs to fight “against the genocidal state of Israel, which attacks, which kills, which attempts to exterminate the Palestinian people.”

His statement comes in the same week as a report by Human Rights organisation B’Tselem, an organisation that is arch-critical of all Israeli self-defence policies irrespective of Arab aggressions against the Jewish state and completely irrespective of the make-up of the Israeli government in power. B’Tselem reported that the past 20 years of conflict have claimed about 7400 Arab lives in Israel and the Palestinian territories, as well as 1500 Israeli lives.

Some “genocide”, this. 7400 deaths over 20 years equates to 370 lives a year – or 445 if you include the Israeli victims of Arab jihadi violence. That’s 370 (or 445) too many in a conflict created by the Arab world and kept alive for 61 years through intransigence and predilection for violence rather than compromise and respect.

Every loss of life is a terrible and inconsolable loss, but the figures just don’t add up to “genocide” or “extermination”. Even less do they indicate “ethnic cleansing”: 20 percent of the population of the Jewish nation of Israel is made up of Arabs – predominantly Muslims but also Christians. And of course the world headquarters of the Bahai faith is in Haifa, Israel.

Just doesn’t add up to “ethnic cleansing”, somehow.

Some more figures.

About 700,000 Palestinian Arabs became refugees in 1948 as a result of a pan-Arab jihadi attack on the Jewish state. That number has now increased five-fold to 3.5 million, yet Chavez talks about Israeli “genocide” and “extermination” of the Palestinian Arabs.

What on earth is the good president smoking for breakfast these days? It’s having a really detrimental effect on his ability to do elementary maths.

It’s not exactly doing his powers of logical reasoning any favours either.