Where does Sweden stand today?

What is happening in Sweden, that one-time haven of tranquility that despatched its White Buses to bring back Scandinavian survivors of the Nazi death camps as well as a large number of European Jews who somehow survived the Holocaust?

It was Sweden that once gave life and hope to thousands of tattered remnants of a vibrant Jewish community in Europe before the Nazis took over and changed the course of history for ever.

For an up-to-date perspective of Sweden’s current status and the way this country is now perceived abroad, read the speech given today by Tomas Sandell, Founding Director of the European Coalition for Israel, at a hearing in the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm and reprinted in the Jerusalem Post .

Sandell’s speech raises concerns about double standards, wilful blindness, political correctness in absurdum and a desperate unwillingness to confront savagery whenever it takes the guise of fanatical political Islamism.

In the aftermath of the massacre in Fort Hood carried out by a US Armed Forces officer of Palestinian Muslim descent crying “Allah u’Akhbar” (God is great) as he executed his victims, and the Obama administration’s knee-jerk response that whatever and whoever was responsible, it had nothing to do with Islam or any Muslims anywhere, Sandell’s words are driven home all the more forcefully.

Caroline Glick writes as follows of US President Barack Hussein Obama’s reaction (his middle name Hussein is a variant spelling of the terrorist’s surname Malik Nadal Hassan): “It hurts that Barack Hussein Obama’s first statement about the massacre at Fort Hood was so emotionally cut off from what happened. It hurts that he thought the most important thing to say about the massacre is that we mustn’t jump to conclusions about the motivations of the terrorist who killed his fellow soldiers despite the fact that he was screaming Allah Akhbar as he shot them.

Recently Swedish-born poet Mohammed Omar announced that he will form a new Swedish national party to fight the next elections, and that this party has just one single item on its agenda – anti-Zionism and the destruction of the State of Israel. The the trends are thus very worrying indeed. The more so since his party aims at uniting Far-Left, Far-Right and fanatical Islamist elements under one banner.

Next door in Norway, meantime, the racist hounding of the world’s sole Jewish nation continues unabated at the same time as grossly indecent human rights abuses in large swathes of the Muslim and Arab worlds are routinely disregarded. CAMERA reports on the latest drive to implement an academic boycott of Israel.

The attacks continue, on our doorstep, in our own backyard and on a global scale.

A few days ago, Iran’s latest shipment of 600 tonnes of rockets and other war materiel to terrorist organisation Hizbollah in the Lebanon was intercepted by Israel. This shipment and others like it are in breach of UN resolutions 1701 and 1747. In a rare move, the US condemned Iran’s flagrant breach of UN resolutions. Having in addition just reneged on all previous fledgling deals regarding its nuclear ambitions, Iran’s Ahmadinejad took a break from Holocaust denial to counter the US stance with the announcement that he has the key to world peace:

The US has to choose: support Iran, or support Israel. No other option is on the table.

I wonder if the US President reads the press.

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