The UN is dead. Announcing the birth of FREE

Muammar Gaddafi of Libya is right.

And so too is Mahmud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

They both want the UN to be fundamentally restructured.

They both accuse the UN’s various key organisations of partisanship. Of failing to deal even-handedly. Of taking sides. Of gross disregard of certain member states.

They want to see certain member states excluded from the UN’s various bodies.

And they have a point. A very valid point.

It really is time to create an organisation that truly represents the entire world.

Not just the bully-boys in the Islamic sphere and their fanatical collaborators.

Imagine a UN in which discussion is encouraged. Where debate aims at resolving problems. Where funds are used to solve the root cause of problems, instead of perpetuating them. Where problems are tackled with honesty and straight talk, backed up by firm action.

Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad, those paragons of democracy, free speech and peace, are absolutely right.

It really IS time to restructure the UN.

There should be two UNs. One consisting of large swathes of the Arab and Muslim worlds, allied to such beacons of freedom and democracy as Zimbabwe, Sudan and Cuba.

And the other consisting of the free world.

Leaving them free to pursue their goals.

And allowing us to make improvements in the free world.

Because if you want to find out what the world really looks like today while it is under siege at the UN, look no further than UN Watch.

Here are two short films.


That was then.

This is now.


Unfortunately, the films require no explanation.

And that’s the really sad part of it: the situation is plain for us to see, we keep paying to maintain the status quo, and there’s no change in sight.

I say vote for Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad and their proposal – a new, restructured “United Nations” or UN.

They can have it. These nations are, after all, truly united in their goals.

We’ll call our organisation the “Federation that Recognises and Embraces Equality”. FREE for short.

The only problem is, it feels truly terrible to condemn millions upon millions of ordinary, peace-loving citizens of the old UN to a life of misery under the new UN. A life with no prospect of any improvement.

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