The UN is dead. Announcing the birth of FREE

Muammar Gaddafi of Libya is right.And so too is Mahmud Ahmadinejad of Iran. They both want the UN to be fundamentally restructured. They both accuse the UN’s various key organisations of partisanship. Of failing to deal even-handedly. Of taking sides. Of gross disregard of certain member states. They want to see certain member states excluded […]

Mummy Knows Best

“As [US] President Barack Obama has made clear, the key factor that prevents peace is the continuing building of Israeli settlements in Palestine.”JIMMY CARTER (former president of the United States) “Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself, ‘Lillian, you should have remained a virgin.’”LILLIAN CARTER (mother of Jimmy Carter)Question:When does self-delusion […]

From the sublime to the ridiculous

But which is which? The Jerusalem Post reports that rumours are spreading like wildfire throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds. They allege an Israeli and Jewish organ trafficking ring led by one or more rabbis is harvesting organs from Algerian children and exporting them to Israel and the US. No evidence is offered in support […]

Freedom of the press in Sweden

A month ago a controversial newspaper article in left-wing Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet alleged systematic Jewish and Israeli organ harvesting involving body parts from Palestinian Arabs. With the initial shock of those sinister –and unsubstantiated – claims now dying down, this is a good time to examine what that article signified and how it plays out […]

The dangers of letting the lunatics run the asylum

A professional in the foreign ministry. In Spain. While it’s still amateur hour in Sweden. “The foreign minister, while maintaining the most absolute respect for freedom of expression, regrets that space was given to a historian who denies one of the biggest tragedies for humanity in modern history … These types of statements deeply hurt […]

Why is the Swedish Social Democratic party silent?

For two weeks now the world has been focusing on Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet in the wake its publication of a controversial article regarded by many as insufficiently researched and poorly executed. The spotlight is also on Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt – many Swedes and foreign analysts wait with interest to see if, and if so […]