Aftonbladet’s defence begins to crumble

The Swedish Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz commented this afternoon on the Aftonbladet affair.
He says that the government could go much further in its criticism of the Aftonbladet article without in any way contravening the constitution. “The government has considerable leeway in such matters. A minister can without risk say something along the lines of ‘We have no reason to believe these allegations’, but would be contravening the constitution if he or she actually criticised the decision to publish the article,” according to Mr Lambertz. He went on to say that the decision not to comment on the article was a nod to political considerations, not legal constraints.
Link to the article on Swedish TV website, filed by news agency TT:

Aftonbladet’s defence begins to crumble along with its libellous story as the truth begins to emerge.

Read Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post. He makes clear that at no time did the Palestinian Arab family figuring in Aftonbladet’s libellous article tell Swedish writer Donald Boström that their son’s organs had been removed.

It is worth repeating: at no time did they speak to this or any other journalist about suspicions of organ harvesting. They never, ever, spoke to Donald Boström about this subject. His article is based on a fabrication. He took a photograph. The rest is a myth.

Donald Boström evidently has a highly creative relationship with the truth.

Now, however, in an almost comical reversal of logic and ethics, the family claim that since Boström has made the claim – about a conversation they never had with him – they now want an inquiry to substantiate his claims. Claims proven to be the figment of Boström’s imagination. Anything that can be used against Jews and/or Israelis is grist to the mill.

It never occurred to either Boström or Aftonbladet to point out the absurdity of organ-harvesting claims when the donors in question have been killed with extreme trauma – which would render their organs unusable. Not just through physical damage to the organs themselves, but through infection after bodily fluids leaked through surrounding tissue into the organs to be harvested. Organ transplantation requires the utmost clinical sterility; shooting someone dead in a dusty street and then waiting while a suitable vehicle is found to transport the corpse to a nearby facility for the necessary immediate surgery is not exactly a scenario that is set to succeed.

But none of these considerations mattered to Boström or Aftonbladet.

Boström’s article is sourced from material he originally wrote in a book published back in 2001. That book was financed by the Swedish Foreign Ministry as well as other Swedish government-financed organisations, most notably several Church of Sweden organisations.

One might well ask what conclusions can be drawn from the fact that the Swedish government plays an active role in defaming a sovereign nation – yet claims it is unable to comment on an article when this government-supported defamation takes the form of a virulently anti-Semitic blood-libel.

One might also well ask why the Church of Sweden feels it is so important to spend its funds financing anti-Semitic libel. The Church of Sweden has played no part in alleviating the plight of Christian Arabs in the Gaza Strip or West Bank. All its resources – both time and money – are spent on demonizing the world’s only Jewish state.

For a detailed and well-researched study on the Church of Sweden’s long-standing antipathy to Israel and its extremely active Swedish government-funded role in promoting anti-Semitism in the Arab world, read the NGO Monitor’s excellent report entitled “Diakonia: An Analysis of Activities in the Arab-Israeli Conflict”.

There is an increasingly wide gap between the vast majority of everyday, honest, highly ethical Swedes in this country, on the one hand, and the deeply anti-Israel/often anti-Semitic politicized leadership of the Church of Sweden, the rabidly anti-Israel Left-leaning media, and politicians paralysed by blinkered dedication to political correctness, on the other.

The problem is that it is politically correct politicians who are financing the activities of rabid anti-Semites.

With Swedish tax revenues.

Which is what some Swedish newspapers are finally beginning to investigate. It’s a slow process – because these newspapers are taking the time to verify their stories and corroborate their sources.

Normal journalistic measures alien to Boström and Aftonbladet.

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