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The UN’s perpetual selectivity

Monday, May 11th, 2009
Whenever there is a major Jewish holiday in Israel some Arab cities in Judea and/or Samaria are sealed off.

That is to say, people can move around freely within these cities but they cannot leave them. This is done to protect the lives of 6 million Jews in Israel, civilians who would otherwise be the target of mass terror attacks by Arabs from these territories.

Arabs protest loudly about the fact that on these occasions, Israeli cities such as Jerusalem are sealed off for them, and also that they are, on some occasions, sealed off from one another for the duration of these special events.

The UN roundly condemns these closures.

Similarly, today Jerusalem is once again sealed off. This is because of a visit by Pope Benedict XVI. Today Jerusalem is a closed city. However, unlike in Judea and Samaria where residents can move around freely within the city, here in Jerusalem we are not even allowed to open our windows! These draconian measures have been implemented to protect one (1) person. I have absolutely no problem living under such stern security conditions for a while, since it is for a worthy cause – to protect the life of a fellow human being.

Where I do have a problem, however, is that the UN does not condemn this measure: an entire city sealed off and shut down to protect just one (1) person. He is admittedly a Christian, not a Jew, and a very important Christian at that. But he is still just one person.

Moral of the story: judging by the UN’s absence of comment and the deafening silence of the Arabs in Israel and in Judea/Samaria, it would appear that 6 million Jews are worth the same as one (1) Christian.

Would the UN care to comment on this selective silence? When exactly are security closures that impact on an entire civilian population justified?

Tamir Meyer, Jerusalem