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Question: Where is radical Islam heading?

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Answer: Straight for you.

And for how long will the civilised world continue to persist in seeing no evil and hearing no evil and, above all, doing nothing to stem the onslaught?

A couple of days ago a gigantic conspiracy was unravelled in Egypt, aimed directly at that state’s apparatus. The attack on Egypt was planned and financed by Iran via the range of proxies it has at its disposal, primarily Hizbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and various other terrorist organisations. The focus of the plan was to attack Egypt along a broad front, targeting civilian and state infrastructure, sabotaging the Suez Canal lifeline and crushing the nation’s democratic institutions. The Teheran ayatollahs’ fundamentalist Islamist revolution was to be exported the world over, cost what it may.

The Arab world is very concerned over this latest development and hopes that the USA and/or Israel will do something drastic about the mounting threat from Teheran. The Arab world does this while at the same time continuing to publicly criticise both the USA and Israel in a variety of contexts.

Much of the Arab world continues to posture in idiotic parlour games of domestic politics while its doorstep is being engulfed in flames. Politics is truly a dirty game.

But it is ultimately just a game. The threat from the ayatollahs in Iran, led by the intractable and increasingly Quixotic Ahmadinejad, is anything but a game. That is reality – tragic reality. A reality faced not just by the USA and Israel but now also the entire Arab world and ultimately also the rest of the world.

Today the most radical and extremist tendencies in the Muslim world are to be found outside the Arab world – it is non-Arab entities such as Iran and Pakistan that account for the most extreme radicalisation and the most active export of religious fundamentalism, religiously inspired violence and human rights abuses on religious grounds.

The people abused and discarded like so much trash, mere disposable counters in the strategic game planned by the Iranian masters of global Jihad, are however very much found within the Arab world – primarily among the populations who fall under the unforgiving Hizbollah and Hamas regimes. Sweden, for instance, exhibits an embarrassing propensity for closing its eyes to the truth – recently this Scandinavian nation chose to continue its participation in a conference despite the attendance of Hamas, branded internationally as a terrorist organisation. And this comes a mere few weeks after the Davis Cup debacle in which the Swedish city of Malmö’s ruling body decided to play foreign politics by first trying to ban Israelis from playing tennis in Sweden, then decided that the match would be played without spectators even though this cheated Malmö’s hard-pressed city coffers out of millions in potential earnings from ticket revenues and hotel bookings.

From Sweden on the weekend of 7-8 March 2009 when the slaughter of Jews was being encouraged on the streets of Malmö:

The tennis tournament turned instead into a raw and violent anti-Semitic and anti-democratic rampage which the excellent Swedish police did all they could to control. Unfortunately however, the decision was not in the hands of the police but rather in the hands of politicians – more than a quarter of Malmö’s population is Muslim and that is what carried the day. Sweden appears happy to tango with terrorists at international conferences and is happy to ban Jews from playing tennis to appease fanatical Islamist opinion, even as the fundamentalists advance and keep their sights firmly trained on conquering ever larger swathes of territory.

An insider’s view of Malmö in Sweden, in the eyes of the city’s police oficers and its hard-pressed ambulance and fire rescue services.

Blindness, deafness and inaction are no solution when under attack. What is needed is a proactive approach – not just reaction which usually and by definition means responding too late. What is needed is to act while there is still the chance of seizing the initiative.

This naturally does not always or only mean military action. However, signals indicating that military action will never be adopted are interpreted quite rightly by extremists for what they are: devastating weakness and an invitation to regional, national and global rape.

Act – or lose. Egypt has seen the light. In Egypt, Hamas and Hizbollah are regarded as terrorist organisations. In Sweden, they are seen as valid partners for discussion. In Egypt, Iran is regarded as the source of regional, even global, evil and instability. In Sweden, Iran is regarded as a valuable trading partner.

Money before all else. Short-sighted gain before strategic security. A paralysed inability to label things correctly.

Egypt has woken up. Sweden still slumbers.

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Humanity, rights and contempt for fellow human beings

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Demands for “human rights” and against “Islamophobia” are being shouted ever louder and ever more hypocritically across broad swathes of today’s society.

The Arab League rolls out the red carpet for a Muslim mass-murderer, Sudan’s strongman Omar al-Bashir. His genocide of black Africans is roundly ignored throughout the Arab and wider Muslim worlds. At the same time, Muslim organisations, institutions and countries are raising their voices in a strident call for legislation to ban criticism of religion. The only religion they name is Islam.

Are all Muslims mass-murderers? Do all Muslims sympathise with genocide as a strategy for achieving political superiority? Obviously ridiculous notions. However, the fact is that the only religion in whose name murder, genocide and honour killings take place in today’s society – with official sanction either tacit or open – is Islam.

It is frequently contended that Islam as it is reflected in today’s media has been hijacked by a relatively small clique of highly active and particularly violent adherents. But the fact is that when the rest of its practitioners choose for whatever reason to remain silent and by default allow Islam to be represented by fanatics with an anti-democratic agenda and a violent strategy, then it is only natural for a shadow to fall on the entire religion.

Blatant anti-Semitism in Muslim society.

Islam is worthy a far better fate than to be intricately linked with the dark evil that a mere few represent. Having said that, no change happens of itself – if you want to nurture a reputation, you have to work at it. If you want to safeguard your good name, you have to ensure that your record is clean. If you want to guarantee your rightful role in modern society, you have to earn the right. None of this is served on a silver platter to passive bystanders – these are rights that have to be earned and, once secured, have to be cultivated.

Anyone who does not safeguard his own good name risks losing it. Muslim organisations and countries that demand society’s silence on Muslim abuses, while spreading or allowing the spread of vicious anti-Semitism and insulting views on Christianity, Bahaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, for instance, are guilty of double standards.

Double standards do not lead to constructive solutions for a better future.

If we are to attain a world where religion is no longer abused as a source of inspiration for terrorism, we are going to have to come up with constructive solutions for dealing with abusers of religion.

Silence is not a solution. Silence simply covers up continued demonisation and segregation.

Precisely what modern society does not need.

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Moderation through the eyes of Islamists

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Religion is a wonderful support. It gives the human being strength, it is a guiding force in everyday decisions and provides comfort in difficult times.

Religion is a terrible weapon. It gives the human being strength, it is a guiding force in everyday decisions and provides succour for the most indescribable horrors.

The difference lies in the way religion is used. Or rather abused.

See the film clip below.

Here’s how a God-fearing priest talks in the “friendly” Arab nation of Kuwait, a country that was raped by Saddam Hussein and then saved by the West. In the film, the sermon is received with appreciative laughs as the preacher incites to the mass-murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans, Jews and other “infidels”.

Message in the name of religion, Kuwait

When religion is abused by demagogues with a firm eye on mass-murder for political gain, there is every reason for the rest of the world to take a good, hard look at itself and its adversaries.

Political correctness in the Western world is being interpreted among large swathes of the Arab world as an invitation to political attack in the name of religion.

The Western world ignores this trend at its own peril.

From Kuwait to the Gaza Strip to Saudi Arabia, the message is the same:

Message in the name of religion, Gaza Strip

Message in the name of religion, Saudi Arabia

Religion as an advocate of hatred, as a cultivator of hatred and as a social network that supports hatred.

A far cry indeed from what we in the West learn in the name of religion.

Well worth bearing in mind as we fret over the future of a Western world increasingly hamstrung by political correctness.