The UN Human Rights Council Hosts the World's Most Atrocious Human Rights Abusers

When blindness rules. Anti-Semitic cartoon in Al-Ahram, Syria The UN Human Rights Council has once again demonstrated its apparently insatiable capacity for rabid Israel-hatred while simultaneously bullying the civilised world into abject submission. On Thursday March 26, 2009, the UN Human Rights Council approved a Muslim-nation proposal to legislate against criticism of religion, specifying only […]

The “Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”? Get a grip on the facts!

The biggest bluff in modern times: the myth of a “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict. From the very outset to this very day, the conflict has been about an entirely different issue, whose least important ingredients are Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews, today’s Israelis. From the very outset to this very day, the real issue has been the […]

The truth only the media could miss

Question:When is the truth not the truth? Answer:When the media decide they want a different story. So here’s a story that bypasses the mainstream media – in order to guarantee that the truth gets out. It comes courtesy of the American Jewish Committee, AJCnyc. ( Five minutes and ten seconds. That’s all it will take […]

Has anyone in Israel asked how Gideon Levy got it all so very wrong?

Letter sent to Haaretz following columnist Gideon Levy’s article entitled “Has anyone in Israel asked why the Swedes hate us?” Response to Gideon Levy, Haaretz: Has anyone in Israel asked how Gideon Levy got it all so very wrong?By Ilya Meyer, Sweden Gideon Levy asks “Has anyone in Israel asked why the Swedes hate us?” […]

Is Sweden anti-Semitic?

The answer is an emphatic “no”. There is no institutional anti-Semitism in Sweden. Among the vast majority of Swedes anti-Semitism provokes the same revulsion as all other forms of racism do. There are exceptions, however. One may safely discount the oddballs on the extreme Right – there are few people in Swedish society who would […]

Swedish independence in jeopardy

Who sets the political agenda in Sweden? And who actually holds the reins of power? A large number of Swedish Muslims, backed up by extremist supporters flooding in from Denmark, marched through the streets of Malmö in southern Sweden shouting the notorious Muslim battle-cry ”Khaiber, Khaiber ya yahud, ya’ish Muhammad saufa ya‘ud” (Khaiber, Khaiber, Oh […]

Perceptions of the Middle East & the Gaza War

PERCEPTIONS OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE GAZA WAR: The View from Sweden and Norway If ever there were a paradise on earth, leaving aside any religious implications of that phrase, Sweden would have to be a top contender. The same length as the whole of continental Europe, Sweden nonetheless has a population less than […]

Sweden v. Israel: game, set and match

The weekend of 6-8 March 2009 is something of a turning-point in history. It marks the date when Israel met Sweden in the Davis Cup tennis tournament in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. Two teams played. There was one victor, but two losers. After a hard-fought and generally very evenly matched contest on the […]

Sweden wins match but loses credibility

Sweden’s economy is in the doldrums. It’s a fate Sweden shares with many other nations in what is turning into the worst financial crisis in decades. However, two industries are doing very well indeed: 1. Hate dissemination. The extreme left, the extreme right and the more violent Islamist movements are allied to what the Swedes, […]