Swedish Board of Migration uses taxpayers’ money to buy off pro-Israel employee

The Swedish Board of Migration recently lost a landmark court case after it attempted to sack an employee in Gothenburg, Sweden, for his private opinion that Israel is a democracy. The court ordered the Board of Migration to reinstate the employee. In an unprecedented turn of events, the Swedish Board of Migration has instead chosen […]

Swedish Board of Migration Loses Landmark Court Case

A year ago, Lennart Eriksson, an asylum unit manager at the Swedish Board of Migration was demoted because he privately expressed admiration for US WW2 General Patton, because he regarded the US as a democracy and because he supported Israel’s right to exist. Lennart Eriksson took his employer to court on the grounds of wrongful […]

The plight of the Palestinian Arab refugees has to be resolved

It is always shocking when injustices take place and basic human rights are disregarded. When in addition huge sums of public money are spent on perpetuating human suffering, the situation becomes that much worse.One of history’s most long-lasting and festering injustices is that of the Palestinian Arabs who became refugees in 1948. 75 % of […]