Palestinian, Israeli – and Jew

Daniel Barenboim makes some remarkable comments in his article in the International Herald Tribute of Jan 30, 2008, entitled “Israeli and Palestinian”. What he fails to do is to anchor these comments in either fact or logic.Having immigrated from Argentina, he is of course entitled to refer to himself as an Israeli and a Palestinian […]

Convoluted Swedish politics impacting the Israeli political scene

Dusted-off Swedish politician and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is mixing it up in Israel. He’s where he best likes to be – under the spotlight. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt recently addressed the Herzliya Conference and, speaking to journalists on the subject of Iran, said: “A military option doesn’t exist. You can only delay” Iran’s […]

UN-funded rockets hitting Gaza

Humanitarian considerations are being ignored in the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinian Arabs. In a comment on Israel’s decision to suspend fuel supplies to Gaza, from where about 100 rockets and mortars have been fired on Israel in 3 days, UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness said “The logic of this defies basic humanitarian standards,” (JPost, […]