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Supremacist racism alive and well in South Africa. Muslim supremacist racism, that is

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

Professor Hussein Solomon is a frightening figure.

Here is someone claiming to have an academic background who expresses views that border on blatant racism.

He writes in the Jerusalem Post in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma that “as … Muslims it is right that we feel the pain of the Ummah…”. The good professor apparently feels it is perfectly right to automatically and unquestioningly feel pain on behalf of his Palestinian “brothers and sisters” even if they are themselves largely responsible for causing that pain through actions such as homicide bombings of civilians, of slaughtering and maiming people who are targeted because they are non-Muslims.

The professor is upset not because of the inhumane tactics that Hamas and other Palestinian groups employ, but because these tactics have not delivered the intended results – he writes that “we also need to admit that our current strategies … is (sic) not working”. He therefore advocates a new approach, to “make use of … divisions in Israeli politics” to advance the cause of his Palestinian brothers – exploiting Israeli democracy and openness to visit, foment trouble, and bring about the country’s downfall.

If a white man were to say that the white community must automatically and unquestioningly support all white criminals everywhere whose targets are blacks, he would rightly be accused of bigotry, racism and incitement. If that white man were to travel to a majority-black country and make that claim, he’d be lucky to escape a lynching – and who would blame people for feeling incensed by such disgraceful ideas. But when a Muslim says that his society – globally – must automatically and unquestioningly support all Muslims everywhere whose targets are Jews, and he actually goes to the world’s only Jewish country to make that claim, we are – thankfully – constrained by the mores of decency and plain old-fashioned humanity to let him rant and rave. In the Jewish world we tend not to kill people just because they have a different opinion. It’s a concept known as democracy.

The good professor is a racist. Anyone who voices unquestioning support for his “brothers” irrespective of the evils of their actions and does so solely on the justification of ethnicity, religion or race, is a racist.

Being a South African and carrying the painful burden of that country’s history, Professor Hussein Solomon ought to be more sensitive to this issue than many others.

But Professor Solomon is not sensitive to anything; he is consumed with self-righteous Muslim supremacist ideology. The ideology that made the infamous Durban resolution possible and that is being disseminated by him at the University of Pretoria.