Fighting Fire with Fire

August 28th, 2014 by ilyameyer

I originally published the following in the Times of Israel on August 25, 2014

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing how successful Iron Dome is at defending Israeli civilians from genocidal attacks carried out indiscriminately by Gaza-based Islamic jihadi terrorists?

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing about how the genocidal Hamas terrorists of Gaza are constantly setting the agenda, deciding which Israeli civilians are to be allowed the privilege of sleeping an entire night in their beds rather than being chased into shelters every time a jihadi maniac is bored and wants to see some action?

Is anyone else getting tired of seeing the Jewish state’s hands tied behind its back in its response to indiscriminate attacks on its civilians by Gaza-based Islamic terrorists, while the world community berates Israel for its defensive measures and steadfastly refuses to apply its only viable tool against Hamas and its various other collaborators?

That tool is FUNDING. Hamas knows it can afford to see wholesale destruction in Gaza because the world community will always hasten to pick up the tab for its abuse of its own civilians in its genocidal war against the civilians of neighbouring Israel. Stop all funding to all parts of Gaza, and the population of Gaza will rise up and overthrow Hamas. It really is as simple as that.

Is anyone else getting tired of seeing how Israel responds to Hamas atrocities with one fearful eye on the world’s media and the UN and EU, bodies that steadfastly refuse to deal robustly with Hamas?

Well, there’s a saying: fight fire with fire. When a forest fire rages out of control, often the best way to prevent it from spreading is to start your own fire in a strategic location, denying the forest fire any combustible fuel by the time it reaches your deliberately set fire. It’s called a firebreak. The wildfire dies out because the bare soil of the firebreak’s broad, empty swathe denies it any fuel. It takes time, but the wildfire dies out.

The same goes for Gaza. Hamas terrorists rain rockets and mortars down on civilian communities in the Jewish state, to which Israel responds by limiting its attacks to Gaza terrorist sites. Very ethical, very moral, very principled. And not very effective. Fight fire with fire, bring the same weapons to the fight, use any adage or cliché of your choosing.

You don’t turn up to a brutal ice-hockey match wearing a pretty ballerina tutu and figure-skating footwear. You come padded, helmeted, wielding a hockey-stick to smash the puck in the direction you want it to go, if necessary through your opponents, and you use full-body contact to drive your opponents out of your way as you relentlessly make your way to the goal.

Nor do you turn up at a pistol duel waving a sword. You deal with your enemy as he deals with you.

There are two reasons why Hamas is so successful at waging its war of attrition against the Jewish state: the first was mentioned earlier – the world community always hastens to pick up the financial tab, so Hamas can afford to continue waging its genocidal, racist war until kingdom come. No Palestinian Arab atrocities against their own civilians or against Israeli civilians are ever deserving of proper censure by the world community, so why should they desist? There’s no incentive whatsoever. Stop the funding, and their terrorism will stop. No money means no funding for rockets.

The second reason was also mentioned earlier: do unto Hamas as they do unto you. Since they fire missiles indiscriminately at civilian targets in Israel, Israel should respond in exactly the same way. As it is, Israel has consistently responded in a measured way, as precisely as possible, aiming specifically at military targets.

This policy has not worked. It has not deterred Hamas – and why should it, since most of the really important Hamas military targets are safely embedded in civilian infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and apartment blocks – targets the IDF naturally shies away from attacking. And of course every single response by Israel, no matter how measured, how precise, has earned the Jewish state harsh criticism by a hypocritical world community. A world community that massively criticises ISIS Sunni Muslim jihadists carrying out bestial genocidal attacks on non-Muslims in Syria and Iraq, while passively ignoring Hamas Sunni Muslim jihadists carrying out bestial genocidal attacks on non-Muslims in Israel. The double standards are of horrifying proportions.

Who could possibly object to applying the same rules for Jews and non-Jews…

Since Israel is being roundly criticised by the world community for pinpointing its responses to terrorist attacks, and that policy has not silenced the terrorist attacks, the time has perhaps come for Israel to do to Gaza what the Gaza regime is doing to Israel: random missile attacks.

Then sit back and count to twenty. You probably won’t even get past ten, because the world community will suddenly, magically find a mechanism to stop all Hamas attacks against Israel.

Because the world community will not stand idly by while Gaza civilians are put in the position of Israeli civilians, with random rockets and artillery barrages striking any time of day or night, sometimes in open fields and sometimes in kindergartens, schools, shops, apartment buildings, business, cars, buses. It won’t happen – because the world community will always ensure that Gaza’s civilians are protected from the consequences of their elected Gaza government’s actions.

So THAT is how to fight fire with fire. By letting the world community do the work of building the essential firebreak.

Everything else has failed. Time for the UN, EU and US to do some useful work for a change. As Israel starts levelling the playing field, playing to exactly the same rules as Hamas.

After all, who could possibly object to applying the same rules for Jews and non-Jews…

Hamas revels in human sacrifice

July 20th, 2014 by ilyameyer

US Secretary of State John Kerry affirms that Israel “has every right in the world to defend itself” against attacks by Hamas in Gaza.

That’s all that counts: that no nation on earth should be asked to sit quietly while 1800 rockets rain down on its cities in just 12 days.

No nation should be asked to act “proportionately” to these rockets – because acting “proportionately” would require Israel to deliberately fire 1800 rockets at civilian population centres in Gaza while ignoring Hamas military targets. The democracy and the human rights beacon that is Israel is neither capable of nor prepared to behave in this atrocious fashion – that kind of vicious behaviour is left to its Palestinian Arab “partners for peace”. And to the other Arab regimes in its neighbourhood, in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and more.

More than that: acting “proportionately” would require Israel to deliberately fire 14,000 missiles at exclusively civilian targets in Gaza over a period of 9 years. Again, the democracy and human rights beacon that is Israel is incapable of such atrocities. Thankfully.

Sympathy for the Palestinian Arabs who are suffering as a result of Hamas’s deliberately genocidal abuse of its own citizens is entirely justified, but their situation is nothing to do with Israel – anyone who is upset by these horrific images should address their concerns to the people behind the human rights abuse: Hamas.

And only Hamas.

These vulgar, “telegenic” images are exactly what Hamas wants the world to see as part of its PR campaign to terrorise Jews with impunity while shackling its Jewish victims’ ability to respond – by harnessing world opinion.

What Hamas DOESN’T want is for the world to acknowledge the simple truth: that Hamas and Hamas alone bears full responsibility for the carnage.

Because it’s all so absurdly simple: if you really care for your citizens’ wellbeing then you don’t deliberately put them in harm’s way by firing missiles at Israeli civilians from within Gaza’s civilian areas. And above all: you don’t start a war after stealing all the internationally donated concrete, tens of thousands of tonnes of the material, to build terror tunnels and not one (1) single bomb shelter for your own civilians.

The Hamas strategy is cynical, manipulative, grotesque and viciously cruel, to Israelis and Gaza Arabs alike.

It would take a special kind of deliberate blindness and deafness not to appreciate that Hamas is thus engaged in a nasty propaganda war the like of which the world has never previously seen.

It’s so obvious even the EU’s Catherine Ashton and the UN’s Ban Ki-Moon ought to be able to understand what is going on, and accordingly allow Israel to finish the job once and for all.

The job of removing Hamas from a position of power in Gaza so the citizens of Gaza can finally live normal lives.

Peace in our time? Give me a break…

July 15th, 2014 by ilyameyer

In a world in constant flux, it’s reassuring to know that there is at least some stability, that some things are constant and never, ever, change.

Israel agreed to a ceasefire that was brokered by Egypt, and has kept its promise.

Hamas has continued firing rockets at Israeli civilian population centres.

Business as usual for both sides, in other words.

The Jewish state continues to demonstrate goodwill, humanity, concern for civilian lives. As usual.

The Palestinian Arab fanatics with whom Israel is supposed to negotiate respond with serial human rights abuses against both their own population and that of Israel. As usual.

There is as yet no world condemnation of Hamas. There is as yet no media commentary on the fact that the truce is being smashed hour by hour, minute by minute, rocket by rocket, by one side and one side alone – Hamas, the Palestinian Arab party that is in a unity government together with Fatah. And Fatah is not imposing its will on its government partner.

The condemnation, the media commentary, will only start if Israel responds to violation of the ceasefire. The ceasefire to which the Jewish state scrupulously adhered, and which the Hamas government never obeyed.

Business as usual, in other words.

No more Dutch taxpayer-funded lifetime pensions for Palestinian Authority mass-murderers. Now it’s up to the rest of the EU to grow a backbone and follow suit.

In the Netherlands, however, it’s NOT business as usual. The Dutch government’s Second Chamber recently adopted a motion to stop the transfer of funds that the Palestinian Authority passes on to terrorists in Israeli prisons. The Dutch reasoning is exquisitely lucid in its simplicity: this funding is nothing other than government approval for the mass-murder of Jews in Israel, it is a lifetime pension paid to PA-ratified murderers on a sliding scale that varies with the number of Jewish civilians each Palestinian Arab terrorist “succeeds” in killing.

The Dutch move represents a brave departure from the EU’s normal “business as usual” approach, and it is to be hoped that this initiative will be echoed throughout the EU. The EU, after all, prides itself on acting in consensus on all matters of foreign policy. And Sweden, in particular, has elevated concensus to a state religion.

So here’s hoping Sweden will be the second EU member state to follow suit. It is election year in Sweden, and one thing is for certain: the current Swedish government’s actions and statements on Hamas’s ongoing conflict with Israel are going to go a long way in determining the make-up of the next government in this Nordic country at end September.

Prime Minister Reinfeld, take notice. (We can leave Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and his legendary animosity to Israel out of the picture - there’s no point in being unrealistic here.)