Anti-Semitic Education in Gothenburg, Sweden

October 12th, 2015 by ilyameyer

The Local Education Authority (LEA) of Gothenburg in Sweden has taken an unusually aggressive decision to expose the city’s schoolchildren to a highly controversial film entitled (in the English translation) “Even the dead have a name” produced by the pro-terrorist Ship to Gaza (StG) organisation.

This is a remarkably insensitive decision, especially bearing in mind that the film is a combination of both subtle and overt anti-Semitism, and also expresses undiluted anti-Israel sentiment.

The unsuitability and questionable legality of disseminating anti-Semitic material in schools should need no further discussion. Nobody who believes in democracy, equal rights and religious equality should have any reason to question the unsuitability of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda. Anywhere. Least of all in schools, to impressionable young children.

The second issue, the film’s unabashed anti-Israel sentiment, bears some examination. Firstly because the film employs classic anti-Semitic clichés in a subtle, subliminal, 80 minute long assault on the sensibilities of the viewer (the LEA intends to show this movie to children as young as 15, remember).

And secondly because the LEA is bound by the Swedish Curriculum for Compulsory SchoolingLgr11, Parts 1 and 2, and its Code of Statutes (SKOLFS).

Chapter 1, entitled Fundamental Values and Tasks, Section 2 Understanding and Compassion specifically and unequivocally states that “xenophobia and intolerance must be confronted with knowledge, open discussion and active measures”. The same chapter, section 3 Objectivity and Open Approaches, stipulates that “Teaching should be objective and encompass a range of different approaches. All parents should be able to send their children to school, fully confident that their children will not be prejudiced in favour of any particular view. All who work in the school should … clearly dissociate themselves from anything that conflicts with these values”.

These are key considerations because nowhere in the film is there any attempt to offer the young viewing public a balanced view of the Palestinians’ self-inflicted, racist and exceptionally violent conflict with Israel. There is not one single statement throughout the 80 minute film to counter any of the virulently anti-Israel statements made there. This is in direct contravention of the above regulations, the very values that are embodied in the LEA’s own Code of Conduct. A Local Education Authority that so openly flouts its own regulations and uses anti-Semitic tropes to do so ought to be a major concern not just for Sweden’s educational establishment and the nation’s politicians, it should also merit close police attention and the interest of the State Prosecutor’s office.

Youngsters who previewed the film acknowledged that had they watched it without any prior knowledge of the issues involved, they would have emerged afterwards as committed anti-Semites. Jewish youngsters who previewed the film said that had they watched it together with non-Jewish classmates, peer pressure alone would have caused them severe discomfort, perhaps even physical threat or harm.

Not least because of two key phrases and concepts that were given prominence throughout the movie: that people who disagree with the film “have sold their souls for silver” (a clear, unequivocal anti-Semitic trope) and that there are “good Jews and bad Jews” – with the good Jews being those who agree with the political aims of Ship to Gaza (StG). All other Jews are bad Jews. Any Jewish pupil who disagrees with the aims of StG is to be regarded as a “bad Jew” by his or her classmates. This kind of vicious anti-Semitic indoctrination of children, accompanied by underlying threats of being frozen out by one’s peers or even being physically assaulted by them, is not only unacceptable, it is a frightening indictment on an LEA which feels that such material is suitable for children.

Raw political indoctrination, disregard for legal constraints and the fanning of religious hatred have no place in a nation’s educational system.

So far, the Gothenburg LEA has steadfastly refused to withdraw the film from its offering for schoolchildren. With sufficient international pressure the highly politicised adults who are wilfully indoctrinating their young charges will hopefully be forced to acknowledge that “Even the dead have a name” is unfit for purpose, that it has no place whatsoever in an educational environment.

Not least because there is no place for indoctrination in education.

“The Threat Beneath” – Book Two In “The Hart Trilogy” is out now

April 15th, 2015 by ilyameyer

If you enjoyed reading “Bridges Going Nowhere”, here now is its sequel, the second book in “The Hart Trilogy”.

It’s called “The Threat Beneath”.

This too is a political thriller, fast-paced yet with plenty of up-to-date analysis of what drives Sweden’s peculiar, often envious, usually antagonistic – yet surprisingly symbiotic – relationship with Israel.

Three-quarters of the way through this second book I had to rewrite significant parts of the novel. Because unfortunately the fiction I had written was tragically – and eerily – overtaken by reality: two fictitious scenes involving an attack on a newspaper in Gothenburg and a supermarket in the same city had to be deleted, and everything leading up to those scenes and following on from them had to be substantially rewritten – I couldn’t possibly leave them in after the terrible events that unfolded earlier this year in Paris.

It’s almost as though some very unpleasant people have hacked their way into my storyline. I like to give my books a healthy dose of realism, but not that much.

I hope you will like “The Threat Beneath” and that if you do, you will be as generous with your ratings and reviews on Amazon as you were with “Bridges Going Nowhere”. I won’t reveal any details about the new book except to say that it is hard-hitting and will probably not earn me many friends in high places in Swedish government.

I am currently working on the third and final part of “The Hart Trilogy”. The way I have conceptualised the series, the three books actually form a single unit. They are a progression, a maturing, a journey that carries the reader from fairly innocent and naïve beginnings to a conclusion that was already finalised in my mind some four years ago.

At the time of writing I am half-expecting a knock on my door from SÄPO, the excellent, hardworking and extremely praiseworthy Swedish Security Service. A security service that unfortunately finds its hands tied by political masters who are slaves to the religion of Political Correctness. SÄPO, if they do indeed come knocking on my door, will either want to arrest me because my writing is a tad too realistic for their tastes, seeing as it seems to spookily pre-empt some of the most cold-blooded terrorist atrocities in the civilised world. Or they will want to hire me to write training scenarios so they can sharpen their operational preparedness for what is in the pipeline even as you read these words.

The Threat Beneath” is available both as an e-book and in paperback from Amazon:

Paperback version of “The Threat Beneath

E-book version of “The Threat Beneath

Incidentally, “Bridges Going Nowhere” is now available in a second edition with a new cover and a slightly smaller format to match the second and upcoming third books in the series. Not just in terms of content but also in terms of their aesthetic design, “The Hart Trilogy” forms a cohesive whole.

All will be revealed on the last page of the third book.

“Bridges Going Nowhere”, 2nd edition paperback

“Bridges Going Nowhere”, 2nd edition e-book

Pleasant reading!

Yes We Can. Stop Laughing, I Really Think We Can

April 14th, 2015 by ilyameyer

President Obama’s thought processes are interesting. They appear to go something like this, and he directs his personal appeal straight at the hearts and minds of American Jews

“I have a dream: I wish to smash the nation of Israel for daring to democratically and freely elect a Prime Minister whom I personally dislike.

I intensely dislike the elected Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, because he constantly insists on speaking up on behalf of HIS vision for the state of Israel, when my own vision for the state of Israel is very different.

I fully support Jerusalem as the sole and eternal undivided capital of the sovereign state of Israel. I am a man of principle so I firmly held this view throughout my election campaign.

I was elected 6 years ago and re-elected 2 years ago. I now no longer support my own view. Instead, I demand that Benjamin Netanyahu give up half of Jerusalem to create the capital city of something called Palestine.

And no, Palestine does not have to reciprocate either by recognising Israel or by toning down its jihadi rhetoric against the Jewish state. In fact, Palestine does not even need to pay its electric bill to Israel, a massive debt currently totalling about 1 billion US dollars. Even though we, via our US Treasury, the EU and the UN, have already given Palestine the money to settle this bill. That money is unaccounted for at this present time but there is no point in getting bogged down on irrelevant details.

I know, just KNOW, that if only the Jews give up half of Jerusalem, all the Middle East’s problems will evaporate overnight. IS will stop raping and then beheading Yazidis, al Shabbab will no longer kidnap and sell teenage Christian girls in Nigeria, Boko Haram will not butcher Christians in Kenya, the Taliban will not kill schoolgirls in Afghanistan for daring to acquire an education, Iran will stop waging proxy wars in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, and al Qaeda will congratulate me for killing Osama bin Laden, who as we know was very un-Islamic and did not represent Islam in any way, shape or form. In fact, none of the above represent Islam. Trust me on this, I know what I am talking about. I am not a Muslim, but believe me when I say that I am a better judge of what the Muslim faith is all about than these Muslims are. They don’t know their religion, I do. Just because they quote chapter and verse from the Quran, just because they can identify passages in the hadiths and the suras to support their views, doesn’t mean that they are correct. I am correct, they are not.

Jews need to stop worrying about giving up half of Jerusalem and converting the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria into the state of Palestine, because take it from me when I say that territorial compromise is what is needed to forge peace. It worked when Israel withdrew from Lebanon, it worked when Israel withdrew from Gaza.

OK, so it didn’t work either time. And Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority repeatedly – and openly – affirm that any foothold they get in Judea and Samaria will merely be a springboard for taking over the rest of the territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. That is to say all of Israel, kicking into the sea any Jews who survive the Palestinian onslaught. But hey, that’s just rhetoric, they don’t really mean it. I didn’t mean it when I said Jerusalem must remain the sole and eternal undivided capital of the state of Israel, and look where I am now…

Trust me on this one.

In my bid to clip Netanyahu’s wings I have now empowered the mullahs of Iran, a state that has carried out massive terrorist campaigns against Israelis, Americans, Britons, Argentinians, Lebanese, Bulgarians, and Jews everwhere.

I empowered Iran by rescuing its theocratic, actively anti-democratic regime from the brink of collapse. I engineered an economic, political, strategic and diplomatic rescue. STOP obsessing about their nuclear ambitions. So they repeatedly claim they want to annihilate Israel. And the USA. Do I look worried? They’re just saying that, they don’t really mean it. Trust me on this.

My name is Barack Obama and in my spare time I do President impressions.

In exchange for aiding Iran – while thwarting reactionary, conservative US allies such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel – I want your full assistance and unquestioning support, as US Jews. The name of the game today is progress – we cannot any longer be shackled to tired old alliances. And stop obsessing about the word ‘loyalty‘ – it’s not about loyalty, it’s about legacy. My legacy. I need one.

At these existential crossroads I need your assistance. The assistance I want from you is your blind support for me in everything I do.

I know my foreign-policy record appears to show abysmal failure on every single count in the more than 6 years I have been in power – the security and/or political catastrophes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Russia, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen all speak their clear language – but things aren’t what they seem. Only recently I went on record as showcasing my foreign-policy successes in Yemen – and see, with our new allies in Teheran we are gradually creating stability there, with Yemen in the control of Iranian-backed Houthis. Stability will ensue, I promise you. Not with old alliances but with new ones – alliances that I assure you we can all trust.

In the same vein and backed by my success in Yemen I want you to trust me when I say I really, truly, know what I am doing with regard to the future, the very existence, of the one and only Jewish state in the entire world, Israel.

No, seriously, trust me on this one, I know what I am doing. If only Netanyahu hadn’t survived the political coup I engineered against him in the runup to the Israeli elections, which the Israeli electorate foolishly decided to ignore, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation now, so really it’s all his fault. Blame Bibi. I do.

I am not allowed to run for the US Presidency for a third term, so I would like you all to back me for my remaining two years, and I urge you all to unquestioningly back my favoured candidate to take over after me: Hillary Clinton. She says some very nice things about Israel. Trust her on that. I know I do.

Thank you for your unquestioning support and for assisting me in my social experiment. And before you can ask, my answer is still “Yes We Can.” Stop asking what we can, you’re getting REALLY irritating.

Regards, Barack Obama.”

“PS: I do President impressions in my spare time.”