The systemic anti-Semitism of the Swedish Left

July 19th, 2018 by ilyameyer

Sweden’s Left has a serious, and systemic, inherited, problem with its ingrained anti-Semitism.

Sweden’s multiple left-wing parties have all been thoroughly infiltrated by virulent anti-Semites with roots in the Muslim world.

This particular variant on the theme, Iranian-born Oldoz Javidi, has openly called for deporting Jews to America as a solution to Middle East problems. It is a stance that clearly echoes vile Nazi racism from just a few short decades ago. She then insisted the statement be deleted because it may reveal too much about her Swedish parliamentary party’s inclinations and intentions. She did not retract the statement, just demanded that it be concealed. Revealingly, her party has not kicked her out but instead rushed to her defence.

She candidates on behalf of the ultra-left-wing Feminist Initiative party, whose former party leader is an alcoholic, and whose African-born number two was caught on video attacking a man at a railway station for being white and who was also found guilty of plagiarising her university thesis.

Feminist Initiative is vying for votes with the fanatically left-wing Green Party, whose current co-party leader was arrested and deported from Israel for illegal terrorist activities, and whose other co-party leader went on record as saying that she couldn’t condemn Fatah and Hamas for anti-Semitic crimes “because of the peace process”. Her government supports Fatah and Hamas to the tune of billions of kronor, including the payment of lifelong “pensions” to Arab terrorists guilty of murder, mass-murder and crimes against humanity.

Interestingly, not even the Swedish right-wing parties advocate the forced transfer of Jews, only the Swedish Left routinely toys with such concepts.

Sweden holds national elections this September. All the indications are that the nation’s seven established parties will all receive a resounding thrashing at the hands of the Sweden Democrats – a right-wing party that is openly supportive of Israel as a Jewish state (!) but that is against circumcision in Sweden. The seven established parties have just one item on their election agenda: to keep the Sweden Democrats out. The Sweden Democrats, on the other hand, seem to be listening to people’s concerns and moulding their campaign and policies accordingly.

So in Sweden you have mainstream liberal and centrist parties that routinely ignore the electorate, preserve Muslim immigrants in segregated ghettoes, and are known for having created an untenable situation for Sweden’s taxpaying Jews. These parties have signally failed to stand by Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. At the same time, you have a right-wing party that avidly supports the Jewish state, affirms it will move the Swedish embassy to Jerusalem, wants to shut down Sweden’s terrorist-supporting consulate in East Jerusalem, and is building its campaign on such liberal and centrist concerns as health care, job creation, a better education system, and proper integration of immigrants into mainstream society. Oh, and the right-wing Sweden Democrats are also Sweden’s ONLY party to routinely – and openly – kick out members displaying any form of anti-Semitic sympathies.

Swedish politics. Not like politics anywhere in the civilised world.

The UN sleeps while Turkey, Iran, Hizbollah, Russia and Assad obliterate Syrian civilians

March 12th, 2018 by ilyameyer

Why do we even bother to keep the morally corrupt UN alive?

The UN can only stay alive because member states pay their annual fees.

But for what are those fees used?

Well, here’s a hint:
Syria is being relentlessly obliterated by a vicious cabal consisting of the Shia Iranian regime, Russia, the Alawite Syrian butcher Assad, Iran’s proxy army Hizbollah, and Sunni Turkey.

The only country in the region consistently providing free medical care to Syrian victims irrespective of political affiliation, gender, ethnicity, or religion, is Israel. You know, the Jewish state of Israel.

Turkey’s role in the ongoing massacres is particularly vile: as a proud propagator of ethnic cleansing and genocide, the Turkish regime – which incidentally has the highest percentage of imprisoned journalists in the world – has decided that its genocide against Kurds inside Turkey isn’t quite enough. So Turkey has invaded Syria and is massacring the Kurds of Efrin. Because Efrin is too close to the Turkish border, and Turkey doesn’t want Kurds living too close to Turkey.

The UN has remained remarkably silent throughout – despite reports of the illegal use of chemical weapons, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the targeting of civilians as a tool both to shield military personnel and also to drive away civilians.

The UN is saving its energy, waiting to go on the offensive in case a Jew called Moshe decides to put up new wallpaper in his living room in Jerusalem, or in case another Jew called Sarah decides to visit her sister Rebecca in Hebron. You know Hebron – the Jewish city in the Jewish province of Judea that was ethnically cleansed of all Jews by the Islamist Jordanians in 1948, before Israel retook the city in 1967 and guaranteed equal freedom of worship to everyone, whether Jew, Christian or Muslim.

The UN is the most morally corrupt body in the modern world. From her tax revenue-purchased seat on the UN Security Council, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot “the Jews are out to get me” Wallström has spoken very little about Syria and done even less about Turkey. Most of her energy is spent on castigating the Jewish state of Israel. The state to which Syrians turn to get essential and free medical aid. Medical aid necessitated as a result of the massacres carried out amidst UN inaction…

Democratic states need to pull out of the UN. There’s a whole lot of good we could do with that money. Not for ourselves, but for the victims of historic – and ongoing – UN abuse.

Perpetuating EU failure in order to combat fresh US thinking. Because Trump…

January 23rd, 2018 by ilyameyer

Today two more or less simultaneous images are etched into my mind.

The first is Mike Pence’s superb poise and diplomatic elegance following the retrograde behaviour of Arab Members of the Knesset as they disrupted the US Vice-President’s historic speech at the Knesset. The US Vice-President went on to commend Israel for its vibrant democracy, where heads of state come and go in accordance with election results.

US Vice-President was the very essence of diplomacy and poise during the Arab MKs’ outburst at the Knesset.

The second is the retrograde comments of EU tsarinna Mogherini as she engages in tongue-kissing with terrorist chieftain Abbas and assures him of the EU’s dedication to combating the US. Abbas is currently in the 13th year of his 4-year mandate, without the inconvenience of elections in the interim. This does not in any way bother the EU.

Mogherini appears to close her eyes in delighted schoolgirl anticipation as terrorist cheiftain Abbas grasps her to his bosom.

Pence came to talk about ways of breaking decades of fatal deadlock and the need to face reality, to the benefit of the entire region.

Mogherini came to talk about ways of maintaining the status quo, so that more Arab and Israeli deaths could be assured in the future.

Pence came to talk about using financial inducements as a way of bringing unnecessary killing to an end, Mogherini came to talk about spending even more EU tax revenues as a means of maintaining the PA killing machine – its lethal Murder for Money industry. An industry paid for by unwilling EU citizens.

Never has the difference between fresh new thinking and tired, trite, time-serving policy been thrown into sharper contrast.