Jews, Christians and Muslims united against Islamism.

July 15th, 2016 by ilyameyer

As we soon approach Shabbat, we have to sum up the last 24 hours in some way.

The word “terrible” is apparently what springs to mind.

Not the word “terrorism” – Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström cannot use that word to describe the event last night in Nice, France, in which 84 people died (so far) and another hundred or so were injured. She prefers “terrible”.

According to various Swedish and other newspapers (the New York Times springs to mind with its headline “At least 84 killed in France after truck plows into crowd“) one might get the impression that it is trucks that are the problem. Especially white trucks. Trucks somehow (perhaps owing to the advanced electronics in today’s vehicles?) seem to have decided to attack innocent passers-by. It’s not the people deliberately driving the trucks into pedestrians, it’s the trucks themselves that are at fault.

It’s why Margot Wallström cannot bring herself to condemn yesterday’s mass killing in Nice as an act of terrorism, but simply as an event that was “terrible”.

We are soon entering Shabbat, and in the Jewish world we will be praying for those killed in yesterday’s terror attack, as well as for those injured in yesterday’s terror attack, and for the families of those killed, injured or otherwise affected by yesterday’s attack. We will also be praying for good minds to guide the words and actions of the French authorities who are now faced with dealing both with the aftermath of another terrorist attack, and the tactics needed to hopefully prevent further atrocities such as yesterday’s terror attack.

You see, in the Jewish and Israeli worlds, we have no problem referring to yesterday’s atrocity against innocent civilians – including young children – as a terror attack. We have been through so many such attacks, and we continue to experience countless such attacks on a daily basis.

We have understood that the most fundamental rule for handling such atrocities is to first identify what we are up against.

We are up against terrorist attacks.

Then we must make sure we understand who is perpetrating these terrorist attacks.

We are facing terrorist attacks inspired, funded and carried out by radical Islamism – a political ideology bent on global hegemony that shields itself from scrutiny and criticism behind the first five letters of its political dogma: I S L A M. Because this violent political ideology shares those five letters with a religion, a religion which it must be said has always had an uncomfortably close relationship with violence as a means of spreading its word, the political ideology of Islamism has made itself untouchable.

But in the Jewish and Israeli worlds we understand who and what we are up against.

We are not up against Muslims. Nor do we feel that we live in a world that is mutually incompatible with Islam.

But we most certainly are engaged in an existential battle with Islamism.

In that battle, we count on our Muslim neighbours and friends and relatives to separate themselves and their religion from the vicious political ideology that is Islamism.

So that we can target Islamism and wipe it out.


Because in the Jewish and Israeli spheres, we have absolutely no difficulty acknowledging that our enemy is Islamism.

Wherever it exists. Political correctness be damned.

This is because Islamism is utterly incompatible with democracy, human rights, indeed life.

84 prematurely terminated lives in Nice testify to that.

We are entering Shabbat now. We will reflect on the tragedy that yesterday befell so many innocent people in Nice and say prayers for those that lost their lives.

And as Shabbat ends and a new week starts on Sunday, we will all need to sit together to express our mutual support for the sanctity of human life – and our absolute determination to enlist our Muslim communities in the existential battle to root out Islamism from their midst and ours.

So that we do not suffer any further terror attacks of the sort that Swedish FM Margot Wallström and the New York Times cannot bring themselves to mention.

You see, we have no problem mentioning the “T” word. Because our lives depend on correctly identifying what we are up against. Because we aren’t interested in getting re-elected or selling more copies of undistinguished newspapers. Instead, as long-suffering citizens unwillingly put on the front line by incompetent European politicians and colluding media, we are honest, we want to do our best for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

84 extinguished lives demand in Nice that we start working together. Sikh, Hindu, Jainist, Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Muslim – all in perfect harmony against Islamism.

Of course, that also means we will have to work together against our politicians and media…

After the Islamist atrocity in Nice: either combat terrorism – or suffer its consequences

July 15th, 2016 by ilyameyer

Either you combat terrorism, or you suffer its consequences.

There’s no other way, no middle ground, no condoning terrorism overseas on the one hand while condemning it at home.

The latest Islamist terrorist atrocity against innocent civilians – this time in Nice, France – is to be condemned outright. No ifs, no buts. Just like all Islamist terrorist atrocities everywhere.

But it is so sad, and so revealing, that US president Obama immediately and unconditionally condemns this vicious Islamist attack which also killed and maimed several children among the dozens of other randomly selected innocent victims – yet the same Obama would not equally promptly or unequivocally condemn the vicious Islamist murder of a 13 year old Israeli girl by a terrorist responding to incitement by Mahmud Abbas a mere fortnight ago.

And that little girl even had US citizenship…

Until the world community and it’s self-delusional leaders correctly identify Islamism as a threat to world peace and stability, and correctly state that ALL terrorism is equally reprehensible – even when it’s victims are “only” Jews or Israelis – Islamists will correctly draw the conclusion that they have a green light to cherry-pick their targets at will and can even operate freely in countries that only pay lip-service to anti-terror measures.

Like France, which wants to fight terrorism at home, but at the same time rewards terrorists in Ramallah with diplomatic support and massive funding. Islamists see this and – again correctly – draw the obvious conclusion that terrorism works.

Terrorism against civilians will continue until there is no daylight between the world’s democracies on fighting it everywhere with equal determination.

The key term here is “equal determination”.

How hard can it be to understand something so simple, ‪#‎PresidentObama‬ and ‪#‎PresidentHollande‬?

(For more information about the financial incentive programme for Abbas devotees to go out and kill Jewish children, and the child abuse involved in brainwashing children in the Palestinian Authority, read here, here, here, here and here.)

The “Palestinian narrative”. Comedy or just inspired fiction?

June 7th, 2016 by ilyameyer

Palestinian history is ancient.

Very ancient indeed.


But its exact age varies depending on whichever one of the 100 or so “Palestinian” leaders you choose to believe (at last count there were at least three separate “Palestines” – centred around Gaza City, Ramallah and Amman respectively and each ruled by a different despot).

These various “Palestines” are using at least 1 billion US dollars a year of YOUR tax revenues to hijack a fourth “Palestine” aka the Jewish state of Israel, which is centred around Jerusalem.

Now, depending on whether you choose to believe such people of renowned integrity as Holcaust denier and anti-Semite Mahmud Abbas, or terrorist and anti-Semite Ismail Haniyeh, or “feminist” and anti-Semite Hanan Ashrawi, or whomever, “Palestinian” history in the land of Israel dates back at least 6000 years.

Or 5000 years.

But at least certainly 3500 years.

Whichever way you look at it, the “Palestinians” were certainly around before Abraham. And he spoke Arabic with a distinct “Palestinain” accent. No, really…

However, most of the above pales into insignificance when set against the perfectly reasonable claims of Mr Saeb Erakat – you know, the lauded “Palestinian Chief Peace Negotiator” – who says that Palestinian history in the land of Israel dates back 10,000 years, and that the centre of this “Palestinian” civilisation was Jericho.

The “Palestinians”, it should be noted, are Arabs. Identical to the Arabs of all the Arab states surrounding Israel.

There is a reason for this interesting fact: it’s because these Arabs immigrated to Israel, as well as to the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip, over the centuries. The Arabs are not indigenous to the region – as their name indicates they come from Arabia. Which is on a totally different continent.

Now hold this thought, because the link between name and geographic location will become increasingly clear as you read on.

There’s absolutely no harm in the movement of people, of course. The history of the world – including the history of the world as it is unfolding at this very minute – is a history of the migration of people. Often migration that is voluntary, but unfortunately often mass-movement necessitated by wars and natural disasters.

Yet the Arabs who left the land of their own heritage – Arabia – and migrated into the land of Israel (remember they are called “Arabs” for a reason, the reason being that they swept in from the sands of Arabia with their swords held high and the word of Allah flying from their lips) are the very people who deny the right of other people to stay in the land of their heritage. Let alone the right of other transitory or migratory peoples who have moved over the years.

Not for nothing are some of the more common “Palestinian” names al-Masri (literally “the Egyptian”), al-Sudani (the Sudanese), al-Djazair (the Algerian), al-Mughrabi (the Moroccan), al-Yamani (the Yemenite), even al-Afghani (guess where they hail from).

Of course, according to the Palestinian Brain Trust none of this matters.

Because the “Palestinians” receive UN funds to the tune of 1 billion dollars a year via UNRWA alone to peddle something called a “Palestinian narrative”.

And this narrative shows that the “Palestinians” have a history that is 10,000 years old. Or 6000. Or 5000. Or 3500. But definitely older than the history of the Jews.

On the other hand, these are the same “Palestinian” leaders who claim that the Jewish state has developed traffic lights that single out Arab drivers and automatically switch to red for them (and only them). And of course there are those pesky Zionist rats that have been carefully trained to infest only Arab homes in Jerusalem, leaving Jewish homes alone. Then there’s the chewing gum that owing to advanced Zionist DNA technology is able to single out and corrupt young Arab girls and make them promiscuous before marriage, without having any effect on equally young Jewish girls.

So all in all, you may want to take the claims of the countless “Palestinian” leaders with a sack or two of salt.

Provided, of course, the salt doesn’t come from the “Palestinian” Dead Sea – which was Palestinian long before the first Palestinian dinosaurs roamed the Earth.